This is another knitting tutorial shared in a while in this blog. Herringbone stitch is a beautiful stitch suitable for all kind of knitting projects like bags, blankets, sweaters and hats. This stitch isn’t a hard stitch as I think but there may be some who have some difficulties in learning this stitch. For those who have any doubts on knitting this stitch,

HERE is a tutorial on how to knit Herringbone Stitch.


Knitting the Woven stitch can be challenging if you are a beginner to knitting. But thanks to this tutorial you can learn fast to knit the Woven stitch in no time. Woven stitch is a beautiful stitch especially for blankets and throws. So, learn to knit this stitch and start your new knitting project right away.

HERE is the tutorial on how to knit the woven stitch.


This is an easy to knit knitting pattern which a beginner can make. You just have to knit on the go and in your preferred size you can finish off knitting. The pattern gives this blanket a textured look hence named as easy textured blanket.

Click HERE for this free knitting pattern.


Although this gansey looks complicated it’s actually not. This is an easy knitting pattern which a beginner can follow. However, you need to have a great amount of time to mae this one because this gansey has knitted with a sport yarn and 3.5mm needles.

But as you know that time is not a problem for a crafter if she gets a unique and beautiful project at last. So, below is the link for this free knitting pattern.

Click HERE for the great gansey free knitting pattern.


This wonderful knitting pattern is perfect for baby blankets because it is cozy and cute looking. The textured look it has give this pattern an extra attention as it’s perfect with any color combinations.

This is a free video tutorial on how to get this entrelac stitch. You can watch the video and get some more creative ideas from HERE.


An easy and simple pattern which a beginner can follow. Although the pattern seems simple the look isn’t. The color pink gave the project a lovely look hence the pattern is suitable for a baby girl. But if you choose to use it for a boy, why not? Just change the color and you’ll get a lovely baby boy’s pattern.

This is a free knitting pattern shared by LoveKnitting and you can find the downloadable pattern HERE.


Even though I’m more of a crochet gal I love knitting too. The only problem is that I don’t have enough time to do all the stuff in my busy day. When searching across Pinterest I found this lovely knitting pattern shared by loveknitting. However, unfortunately, the pattern is not free. The pattern is not expensive either so I thought you might be interested in buying the pattern.

(Please keep in mind that this is not an affiliate link. I’m sharing this paid pattern just because it looks so pretty) HERE is the link for this paid pattern.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Loom knitting is just the basic of knitting, however it’s the most used knitting technique used in knitting projects. The best thing about loom knitting is that it’s easy for a beginner to learn and make new knitting projects. These are some good looking loom knitting projects which will make your time busy and creative.

This is the LINK to the list of 13 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners.

Enjoy Knitting!

Handbags associated with “Spaghetti” yarn tend to look perfect and stylish. Best of all they are easy to knit and can be finished the project fast. I found these patterns from a Russian site. The tutorials may look hard at first but  if you check through the chart you’ll understand the pattern perfectly. And if you are not familiar with Russian language please translate it to English ( Google Chrome Browser does it for me 🙂 ).

HERE are the patterns for these elegant looking knitted Handbags. Be sure to check other patterns shared on this site as well. Enjoy!

There’s nothing more for a beginner knitter if a marvelous looking knitting project is easy to achieve. This is a gorgeous knitting pattern which is easy for a beginner to knit. You need a fie yarn and 3.0mm knitting needle for this project. If you have those tools then HERE is the pattern to start this project right away.