This is a versatile cardigan to crochet suitable for an intermediate crocheter. The sweater is made with worsted weight yarn and the pattern has different sizes available.

Click HERE to download this free crochet pattern.


This is a combined stitch of innovative idea and a traditional stitch. It is best if you try to crochet this stitch to get some hands on experience on difficult stitches.

The pattern look nice on combination of colours but you simply can use only one colour. That’s your choice.

HERE is the pattern and video tutorial of this free crochet pattern.

Happy crocheting!

Babies feet are the cutest things you can ever find to test out crazy new ideas of crafting. Baby shoes and flip flops are the easiest things to crochet.

This is an easy to make baby flip flop pattern you can crochet and these flip flops will stay long on your little ones feet.

Click HERE to find the free crochet pattern with video tutorial.


Peacock is a such a wonderful animal which everyone loves because of it’s magnificent colours. That’s why anything that is peacock themed looks beautiful. This is such a beautiful piece imitated peacock’s tail. Hence named as Peacock Tail Bag.

Click HERE to visit the free crochet pattern of this peacock tail bag.


This is a nice looking bag good enough for keeping your necessary things while on the go. It takes only about 30 minutes to make this bag.

HERE is the link for this free crochet pattern.


Vintage patterns are not easy to find and read. But they are worth it because many of them are exceptionally beautiful. This is another beautiful vintage pattern you should check out.

Click HERE for the free pattern.


This is such a wonderful blanket pattern made with neutral colours. The colours are perfect if you don’t know the gender but you have to make one blanket for her/him. The pattern is shared in Ravelry by stephanie at simply crochet blog.

You can get the free pattern from HERE.


Here is a wonderful crochet cardigen pattern suitable for your girl. The pattern is written in another language however you can use Google translator to translate. Look below for the pattern.


Although the title says that this pattern is for 12 month baby, you can create a different sizes following the pattern as the pattern includes instructions for different ages.

You can find the free crochet pattern from HERE.

Happy crocheting!

This is a really nice looking crochet blanket I found on Pinterest. The pattern doesn’t have an explained tutorial but a chart. If you are familiar with crochet pattern charts then reading this chart shouldn’t be a problem at all. Below is the pattern chart.