Hello, My name is Noorani. I am a mother of a wonderful 2 month old son and a wife of the most loving husband. I am not rich with money but, I have the wealth of ideas, education, freedom and most importantly love and care. I love DIY, Arts and Crafts. Though I have no time to make most of projects I see, I love seeing those projects day by day. I find many (or should I say all of ’em?) interesting DIY and Crafts from internet which shared by other mums worldwide. Collecting those fascinating projects in my computer will only eat HDD of my computer. So, then I thought what if I make a website instead and save all of those beautiful projects on it? And after that day, this website has been made and this site contains fabulous DIY and Crafts projects I find online.


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    1. For that you have to visit a retail shop or an online shop. this is a site which only shares tutorials and patterns. We don’t sell fabrics. Sorry.

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