Although sewing is a nice hobby to start you may end up with no ideas to sew for your next project especially if you are a beginner. Many beginners encounter this problem as they don’t have any experience. For those who are struck with no ideas at all this is a list of 55 beginner friendly sewing projects you can try today.

Click HERE for the list.

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Baby sleep sacks are a nice addition to your babies bed as it can provide safety and warmness than a baby blanket. Most importantly it stays with the baby all night providing the necessary safety.

HERE is a nice tutorial on how to make a baby sleep sack at home.

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This will be a perfect addition to store your necessary good like makeup stuff, ID card, coin purse and vice versa. It will take literally around 10 minutes to make this vanity bag so it will be a worth a trying project. You can find an illustrated tutorial from this LINK.

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You can never have enough bags in your handbag collection. However, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for a mere handbag if you know how to sew. This is a free sewing pattern you can download shared by the Stitching Scientist. This elegant and simple looking handbag will be perfect for casual occasions like a birthday party, an outing and even for doing some errands. The bag is not hard to make either.

HERE is the link for this downloadable pdf sewing pattern.



In some seasons like winter, slippers are a necessary item on your list because it’s not easy to stay barefoot. While one pair of slippers may be enough but having several of them will be handy as you can match your slippers with your dress. You can simply buy them as you need but as I think , making them by yourself will make them more unique.

HERE is a list of 40 + free slipper sewing patterns you can try out.


Rompers look cute on babies and toddlers. They are even easier to wear than other dresses. For that reason, rompers has been every mums favourite especially those who have baby boys which are little raskels. You can save some money if you decide to make them instead of buying. For those who like diy,

HERE is a nice list of DIY romper patterns which are suitable for boys.

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This is a free pattern perfect for beginners as the pattern is easy to sew. The pattern is shared by Love Sewing Magazine. Hence it looked cute I shared it here.

Click HERE for this free sewing pattern.


This 7″ tall 11″ wide tote bag is perfect for keeping your lunch box however, it doesn’t mean that you should always use this bag as a lunch bag. You can keep this bag as a makeup container or for anything else that is small enough to keep inside.

The pattern is easy if you follow this TUTORIAL.


Making your own clothes is fun and satisfying as you get to choose the pattern you want before sewing. Sometimes you find so beautiful fabric but you are unable to find a suitable dress with that specific fabric. Then you can buy that fabric and make something on your own. This is a nice list of skirt patterns with tutorials on how to sew them.

HERE is the list of diy skirt tutorials.


I am excited to have a baby girl in October so my eye catches girly things more on these days. This is another cute looking baby dress you can make for your baby girl.

HERE is the free sewing pattern for this Summer Breeze Baby Dress.