Keep cozy and warm with these last minute hat crochets. This free chunky knitting pattern is a fun and easy project to craft. It’s great for beginners and crafters still new to knitting. So check it out our last minute hat free knitting patterns that won’t consume much of your time. They are quite easy to make and are perfect for the last minutes. Go through the tutorials now!

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Knitting is a great way to pass the time, but sometimes you have more knitting projects than you have time! Luckily, there are plenty of quick, simple knitting projects for you to try out. All of these projects take almost no time, sometimes as little as two or three hours, so they’re perfect if you’ve got a busy life. Give these 15 quick knitting projects a try the next time you need to unwind. 

You can find the list of these 15 Knitting Projects from HERE.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Knit this incredibly luxurious “Honey Bun Cabled Blanket”! The blanket works up quickly since it uses jumbo yarn and very large knitting hooks! It helps keep you warm and is such a lovely piece to display in your home! Go through our step by step tutorial where you will find lots of tips and tricks for making this endless braided cabled blanket.

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Knitting has made a huge comeback, and we’re fully embracing it. To make this gorgeous, chunky-knit throw blanket, simply use your arms as knitting needles. Depending on the size of your blanket, expect to finish one in as little as an afternoon. Try this trendy knitting method to create a chunky-knit throw blanket that everyone is obsessed with. Instead of needles, you can use your arms to knit. 

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Making twined rugs recycles old pairs of denim jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, stained or ripped towels or any other sturdy fabric you have no other use for. Use twined rugs as bath mats, area rugs below the kitchen sink, or simply decorative throw rugs on otherwise bare floors. Rugs, mats and floor runners are the significant part of home decoration. They include a touch and also fill a floor space with colors, texture and patterns.

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Rugs have a heartrending impact in a home. They can tie a whole room together, serve as a designated play or reading area, introduce some color or texture to a dullish area or act a focal decor piece. Whatever the reason, everyone needs a good rug, but like most beautiful things in this world, buying them from stores can get pretty damn expensive. 

Click HERE for the list of 9 Rag Rugs You Can Make Yourself.


The amazing pixilated granny square crochet is so attractive and eye catching that is giving lot of possibilities for personalization. This pattern is so quick and easy that you can easily make this in few days. Watch this step by step tutorial and you will get a perfect idea of crocheting this eye catching crochet.

Visit HERE for this free crochet pattern.


The Rainbow colored blankets are bold and bright and colorful. They are so much fun to make and so wonderful to look at. Today’s featured pattern is more than just a rainbow blanket pattern. The multicolored rings have a special meaning for many; they are being called the friendship rings. So let’s make your friendship stronger by gifting this crochet to your loved ones!

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This blanket is crocheted in gorgeous fresh vibrant dolly mixture colors that will surely brighten up the day. It is ideal for bed, toddler blanket or can be used as a lap or knee blanket, or on the sofa or in front of the TV. The blanket is a real treasure and ideal for bed, sofa, caravan or camping etc. that will make a fabulous gift and has a lovely heirloom quality which would be a valued addition to any household.

Below is the video tutorial for this blanket.


It is so exciting to see everyone’s center blocks grow through beautiful pictures. A large super-textured, decorative floral block is having its own beauty. This block will look gorgeous in any color! The square was designed with such a dedication and love which is clearly showing in this picture. So don’t waste your time and start making it by going through our free tutorials.

HERE is this free crochet pattern.