101+ Inexpensive Handmade Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some new ideas to make your new gift for your loved one, then here is a massive list of gift ideas to make the decition. With these cute and inexpensive gift ideas, I know that you won’t search for another source anymore. There are more than 101 handmade gift ideas listed in this list and according tutorials can be found below each image.

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101 Inexpensive Handmade Gift Ideas

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6 Cool Things You Can Make From Your Old Jeans

Many of us have any old jeans hiding behind our wardrobe doing nothing. I think now it’s time to get them back. No, not to wear but to make some cool things for you, for your kid or any other loved one. This POST will show you 6 creative ideas to make use of your old jeans. You’ll be amazed by the ideas as you may not had that idea before.

Enjoy recycling your old jeans! Happy Crafting!

6 cool things you can make from old jeans


City life may deprive you of the garden. It is difficult to grow a garden or have a green space looked after in the busy days. Kids learn a great deal from the gardens about various vegetables, fruits, nuts and so on. It is easy to provide visual tools to make them remember better. Yeah there are toys and charts but here is an innovative tool that will knock your socks off . Katie Shelton from www.abeautifulmess.com can help to have a plantable felt garden for the kids and you can do it yourself. The plantable felt garden is made up of good quality felt cut into various shapes and designs to make felt veggies, leaves, flowers and plants.Follow this tutorial HERE.


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Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial

This project is as simple as it can get. A basic easy baby quilt with lot of straight lines to sew. Excited? Mique from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com shares an incomplex baby quilt pattern for all you beginners out there.This project will help you to get basic skills needed for quilting using linear lines right. There is a detailed photo tutorial with crisp instructions about materials and method. Though it is a simple quilt, using some colour play could make it more playful. Take a look at this super simple quilt HERE.

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial


8 Adorable & Free Little Girl Dress Patterns

Baby girls are gems as we can dress them with cute dresses and enjoy every bit of the beauty of our baby and the dress. For a crafty mum, there’s nothing precious compared to a girl. These are some cutest looking dress patterns which is available for free. These 8 Adorable & Free Little Girl Dress Patterns wll fill you up with new ideas for your cute baby girl.

8 Adorable & Free Little Girl Dress Patterns
8 Adorable & Free Little Girl Dress Patterns

HERE is the list of 8 Dress Patterns.

While working on your next project, these sewing tips will save a lot of your precious time and money.


20 Pretty And Practical Things To Sew For The Kitchen

Brighten up your dining room with these adorable kitchen sewing projects easily by replace your disposable products to reusable ones. Unpaper towels are eco-friendly and stylish way to reduce your waste. So check out this easy tutorial to make your own Velcro towels or other creative things. You cane easily save a lot of money in the long run, and do something better for the environment!

Here is the list of these sewing projects.

Enjoy !

How to Fix Bobbin Explosion

If you sew, you know that at least once in a while you have to face this unfortunate incident “bobbin explosion”. Threads everywhere, fabric eaten, and/or a jammed needle. Oh, We’ve all been there calling for help from others around us. There are a list of reasons why the bobbin does this, however, many times we can fix the problem at home. Here is a list of solutions which might help you fix the problem and sew again.

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