A Day Coat is an easy and simple pattern which is perfect for the beginners who are looking to enhance their skills or the advanced knitters who are searching for some good mindless knitting patterns and designs. This Free Knitting Pattern for Four Row Repeat Long Weekend Cardigan is a long-sleeved sweater which needs to be knit in 3 different lengths and features a four row repeat Basket Rib Pattern.

Visit HERE for this free knitting pattern.


Let’s sew a special and unique gown for your prom! Below are the ideas and patterns which I’m damn sure you will love! So make the dress of your dreams for your prom, for a birthday party, a wedding, or any elegant activity. This design is inspired by a dress 4designer named “Tanik Ediz”. So go through our tutorials and get started your new interesting project.


Why settle for anything less! Create your own stylish and classy handbag by going through our easiest tutorial of asymmetrical cross body bag which includes a lot of interesting features as there is no better way than to customize your own bag. So let’s get started to learn simple tips and tricks by which you will be able to make this stylish liner cross body bag within a few hours.

Here is the tutorial.

Happy craftier day ahead!

Want to sew cutest handlebar bags for your kid’s bike? See this tutorial step by step and make handlebar bags just like this which your kids will love. This is great for carrying water bottles, lunch, toys, or to found treasures. You can hang it on the handlebars easily. Now don’t waste your time and start this beautiful project with effective results.

HERE is the link for this tutorial.


Rompers look cute on babies and toddlers. They are even easier to wear than other dresses. For that reason, rompers has been every mums favourite especially those who have baby boys which are little raskels. You can save some money if you decide to make them instead of buying. For those who like diy,

HERE is a nice list of DIY romper patterns which are suitable for boys.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Everybody has special clothes which loves to keep with them. When they are ruined, you get helpless on what to do. Check these simple hacks before throwing them away. These tips might help save your precious clothes a while longer.

Click HERE for the list.


If there’s a way to clean up your wardrobe with new fashion clothes would you do it? Now you can do it with some tips and tricks and with the clothes you already have. Very few of those tricks will require you a needle and thread. Most refashioning hacks will require you only a scissor.

HERE are 33 Clever Ways to Refashion Your Clothes.


Bored of wearing the same tshirt again and again? This is a list which you can get ideas to transform your tshirt into a new stylish top within minutes. Some do need some sewing skills but most of them are diy no sew techniques.

Check out this list. You’ll be amazed at how many ways you have to bring a new style into your tshirt.

HERE is the list on 41 Insanely Easy Ways To Transform Your Shirts For Summer.


Although we like to wear new clothes everyday, sometimes we can’t because our wardrobe is full of old clothes so that we can’t have any more space for an extra cloth. In that case we can make a new designer cloth out of our old jeans if you follow these list of tutorials.

You can find the list from HERE.


No matter how much you love to keep your clothes, there comes a time you need to clean up your wardrobe. Some day you have to let go of your old clothes. But instead of throwing them away you can use them for something else.

From a tote bag to diy rug rag, you can use your old clothes for almost any project if you have some creativity.

HERE is a nice list to get some ideas to upcycle your old clothes.