Comfort and Joy – Free Quilt Pattern

This Pinwheels and patchwork is a free quilt pattern which anybody can make by going through our tutorial and step by step description of this pattern. Making this one is quite fun! The quilt with this pattern contains a lot of rules but is not as complicated as you think. So check out these steps and create your own pinwheels and patchwork pattern quilt.

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Free Sewing Pattern – Judith Dress

Do you have a desire to make your own Judith dress? Need not to worry about as here; we are providing you the free dress sewing pattern tutorials with a special bow and an open back. The pleated skirt makes this dress the most perfect and the most beautiful dress for party, for a date, or for a romantic dinner.

Here is the pattern for this wonderful dress.


Patchwork Zippered Pouch Tutorial

This awesome and unique easy sew zippered pouches tutorial that will urge you to make your own. The free wallet patterEnjoy wallet patterns, handmade wallet tutorials DIY wallets, wallet sewing patterns which are quite easy to make. You can also gift these things to your loved ones! So let’s now begin this project by following our step by step tutorial.



Hey there? So you are interested in Sewing? You are on the right place, whether you are looking for free sewing tutorials, or you want to learn how to sew, whether you want to enhance your current sewing skills or just find a fun new project, we are here to help you. Check it out these 15 sewing tricks your grandma should have taught you before!

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The Little Gentleman Baby Booties Free Sewing pattern

Your best friend is about to have a baby boy and you need a gift idea for her upcoming baby shower. Instead of, or perhaps in addition to, purchasing an item from mom-to-be’s registry, you can crochet baby booties that are fit for a prince. The Little Gentleman Baby Booties are stylish and cute, and include plenty of details that everyone will love.

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18 Useful Sewing Projects That Are Surprisingly Easy To Make

Do you love sewing and want some creativity? Or you want some new ways to earn money by selling your sewing crafts? I was wondering what makes the best project to sew and sell on Etsy, Ebay and other online outlets. Follow these 18 sewing projects that are actually useful and are very quick and easy sewing projects which will take you an hour or less than an hour.

Here is the tutorial list.

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Simple DIY Fall Dress | Megan Nielsen Darling Dress

Sewing dresses has never been easier with our collection of free tutorials and step by step guide of sewing dresses. Our free baby dress patterns are simply the cutest, and our summer dress patterns are so on trend that you’ll never want to spend your money at the mall again. We could go on, but we’ll let you browse our selection yourself!

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Here is the comprehension collection of patterns which will help you to make and sew your own pattern. Check it out simple tips and tricks about how to sew curves, flowers, fantastic dresses, shirts which you can even gift to your loved ones. So learn to sew dresses with so many dress patterns. You’ll find free little girl dress patterns, free pillowcase dress patterns, and other simple dress patterns in this stylish sewing collection.

Here is the tutorial .

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Easy Sew Cosmetics Bag – Free Sewing Tutorial

The small Clutch is the perfect little bag for any of your life’s necessities. It’s a great size for sewing notions, a makeup pouch, or a night on the town. You just need to make one for every occasion! So check it out the simple tips and tricks for sewing these types of beautiful hand bag in minutes for your keeping your cosmetics with yourself.

Here is the tutorial for this makeup bag.Enjoy !

How To Sew French Seams Correctly | Free Sewing Tutorial

Mastering the art of sewing seems to be very difficult but you just need to have a little bit of knowledge about the tricks and the techniques and then you will become the master of sewing! Let’s have a look in this tutorial and you will find all the detailed instructions of sewing French seams correctly. So follow the instructions and start your new project!

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