Want to update your wardrobe with lots of trendy dresses without purchasing? No, this is not strange as you can also make these trendy dresses by your own within few hours. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to sew as these tutorials are just for you.  You can sew lots of dresses on your own without wasting much of your time.

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Your dress should be tight enough to show you are a woman and loose enough to show you are a lady. Maxi dresses allows women to look astonishing, they takes you from your morning coffee, to the beach, to nighttime. With the help of our women’s free maxi dress patterns and DIY tutorials in many styles straight, loose and fluffy, t-shirt and tank, sleeveless and strapless for a romantic dinner.

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Whether you want to sew a top or a skirt, we are having tutorials for almost every dress. This is an all season free sewing pattern which you would love while making. Grab the attention of all your friends by wearing this pattern. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert, all of them are just perfect for everyone.

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This flexible tote is sturdy enough and can be used for carrying your number of items. The interior and exterior pockets are quite large and secured enough for holding all of your valuable items. Each of the totes has been lined with shape flex interfacing and batting. Both will permit this tote for maintaining temperate stiffness while maintaining its shape.

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Create this beautiful carry on duffel bag for your next weekend gateway. This bag is having a perfect size for weekend trips, for gym, or to carry an on-the-go small craft project. So follow our tutorials so that you can get to know the simple tips and tricks for making duffle bags as it’ll not take much of your time.

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You can now keep all your small things which you love and use most of the times in a handy and in a well organized basket. This is a simple project for sewing amazing floor baskets. You can even create this type of hanging bags for each of your family member in hours. This floor basket is also perfect for keeping your lunch and other things while going on a family picnic.

Here is the tutorial for this bag.



Why settle for anything less! Create your own stylish and classy handbag by going through our easiest tutorial of asymmetrical cross body bag which includes a lot of interesting features as there is no better way than to customize your own bag. So let’s get started to learn simple tips and tricks by which you will be able to make this stylish liner cross body bag within a few hours.

Here is the tutorial.

Happy craftier day ahead!

Want to sew cutest handlebar bags for your kid’s bike? See this tutorial step by step and make handlebar bags just like this which your kids will love. This is great for carrying water bottles, lunch, toys, or to found treasures. You can hang it on the handlebars easily. Now don’t waste your time and start this beautiful project with effective results.

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This one really got everyone’s attention! This cute boxy looking pouch which has open wide zippered pouch that is very interesting in learning how to make this in the easiest and quickest way. It’s just perfect for anything like if you are going for a picnic, or want to gift someone, for a retreat, swap bag, wet bag or for any other purpose.

Here is the tutorial for this beautiful bag.