Crochet Raindeer Pattern – Christmas Crochet Pattern

A good toy is 90% child and 10% toy and it’s fantastic to see your kids with their new toys! So why not to start your new project for your kids for this christmas?. The crochet pattern is of a Venya piggy and Nyusya piggy. This is not as tricky as it looks. Follow up this step by step description and start making your new project to impress your kids.

Unfortunately this is not a free pattern. To buy this pattern visit Etsy.


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Twisted Trill Knitting Stitch with FREE Pattern

An easy, totally reversible cabled scarf that will run through a lot of yarn, lie flat and look wonderful on you. Illusions cable scarf free means a cable look without the bulk which is warm and cozy, close-fitting hat with decorative lacy pattern, which spread around like the petals of a blooming magnolia flower. It is worked in round from bottom – up in one piece. It starts with ribbing. After completing, ribbing the hat is worked in simple and intuitive lace pattern.

Visit HERE for this pattern.


Simple Market Tote Bag Free Pattern

If I could make something in a really short time frame I would love to try it out. When searching for such simple projects I came across with this bag pattern. It doesn’t have any written tutorial but if you follow the sketch in the picture, you’ll be able to make one like this easily.

This bag is suitable as a tote bag for your shopping needs hence I named the title as Simple Market Tote Bag. If you can’ t understand how to make this bag with the sketch pattern then please leave a comment as I might be able to make and share a complete guide with you.


Chevron Chic Baby Dress – Free Crochet Pattern

There is no perfect project than crouching a baby dress and more clothes. They are just beautiful before even caring for the baby, and then the little baby makes your job even cuter. Although they look like complicated crochet projects that will delight any parent, baby crochet dressess are pretty easy to build. Follow up the step by step instruction for making this beautiful baby dress.

Visit HERE for the tutorial.

30 Free Crochet Stiches and Tutorials

Your selection of crochet edge can literally make or break your design. Sure, you can leave it uncompleted, but you must select the right edging stitch. To educate you with the thirty most popular and trendy designs of Crochet Stitches those are in fashion, the following speaks of the different designs that you can use for enhancing your skills and for upgrading your attire.

Visit Here for this list of 30 crochet stiches tutirial.

Happy crochetting!

Christmas Crochet Decoration Patterns

If you have a desire to add charm to your room then this amazing granny square crochet is simply perfect for you on this christmas . As you know, gone are the days when you just use these granny square crochet in your kitchen. So, you can simply make your very own home decor and kitchen items using this quick and easy crochet patterns by going through our step by step guides.

HERE is the list.

Enjoy !

One Yard Magic Messenger Bag – Free Sewing Pattern

Every girl loves bags! They can be filled with diapers and toys when you are in the mother mode, they can be flirty and cute when you’ve got a date, or they can be filled with your laptop and notebooks when you are schooling or in a working stage. The beauty of this type of bag is that they are super simple to make.

Here is the pattern for this bag.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Free Sewing Pattern – Judith Dress

Do you have a desire to make your own Judith dress? Need not to worry about as here; we are providing you the free dress sewing pattern tutorials with a special bow and an open back. The pleated skirt makes this dress the most perfect and the most beautiful dress for party, for a date, or for a romantic dinner.

Here is the pattern for this wonderful dress.


Patchwork Zippered Pouch Tutorial

This awesome and unique easy sew zippered pouches tutorial that will urge you to make your own. The free wallet patterEnjoy wallet patterns, handmade wallet tutorials DIY wallets, wallet sewing patterns which are quite easy to make. You can also gift these things to your loved ones! So let’s now begin this project by following our step by step tutorial.


Easy Crochet Baby Booties Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

This is a simple pattern for those who have never attempted footwear before. These puffy booties will keep your baby’s feet warm until they outgrow them and the parents can keep them for the next child or donate them to another baby who is in need of some charming booties. These are very simple to make, anybody can make them in less than 2 hours.

Click here for this free crochet pattern.