We need to upcycle our old stuff in order to save our world. You know that there’s an environment polution going on because of stuff we throw away. Upcycling doesn’t only help save the environment but also our pocket.

Don’t have anything to upcycle? Think twice and watch this giant list of upcycle projects. I am sure that you’ll have at least 2 to 3 stuff which can be recycled.

HERE is the list of 200+ Upcycling Projects.


There’s a good demand in the market for DIY projects. Although people don’t have time to make them still they like to have some handmade items to display them in their home. Which makes a perfect market for creative minded people like us to make some extra cash.

This is a list of 31 DIY projects you can make at home and sell them for some extra cash. Click HERE for the list.


This is a creative idea to make with ropes. You just need a long rope, scissors and glue gun to make this one. The second version is a bit different as a stripe of fabric is attached with the rope. However, both versions don’t need to be sewed.

Above is the fabric attached version of this basket.

And here are both versions together.

HERE is the link to the tutorial of this diy no sew rope basket.


Floor pillows are the trend at home decorating right now. You get to use your left over fabrics and make a super comfy and stylish floor pillow for your room or anywhere indoors. They do give a fresh and new look unlike traditional sofas.

The best thing about them is that you get to save your little ones from germs on the floor as they love to sit or sleep on giant floor pillows.

Making one is not hard either. HERE is a list of 12 DIY giant floor pillows for you to decide.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Have some old towels hanging on the wall hanger? Nothing to do with them other than throwing them away? Then you need to check out this simple diy project of recycled towel bath mat because you get to use your old towels into something useful.

This soft and cozy bath mat is suitable not only for your washroom but also for your room, varenda or anywhere you need to clean up your feet.

Click HERE for the tutorial on Recycled Towel Bath Mat.

Happy crafting!

This basket is a perfect solution for your storage problems on the go. The pattern is made with half double crochet stitch with a rope for extra strength. The basket look cozy because of the rope attached with it however the pattern is so easy that anyone can follow with.

This multi colored basket pattern is shared by TheLittleBee and you can find the pattern from this LINK.

Happy crocheting!

Denims are fantastic fabric for just about any project. They are however a bit expensive than other fabric types. But, luckyly we’ve got so many options to get denims for our next project. Yes, thats our good old denim clothes. You can easily use them not only becasue you don’t wear them anymore but because the durability of denim fabric is much better than other fabric types.

Just because recycling is a good idea, HERE is a huge list of recycling ideas for your old denims.


If you are looking for some easy yet elegant looking crochet blanket pattern then this might be a perfect fit for you. This is a free crochet pattern shared in EveryTrickonTheHook and it is shared as different parts for each square.

Click HERE for the free crochet pattern.


Beautiful stitches and a perfect color combination is what a crochet project make unbelievably awesome. This is another perfect crochet blanket which is combined with several crochet stitches. This is a free crochet pattern which you can follow and make your own. Click HERE for this awesome free crochet pattern.



These days baby items get my attention more because I am expecting one. Even though rompers aren’t famous in our country I fell in love with them when I got some for my elder son. It was easier to dress up my baby with a romper than other clothes. So, I googled for prices of rompers for my 2nd baby but, even though they aren’t expensive, shipping rates for our country are unbearable.

So, I decided to find a free sewing pattern to make some and here’s what I found. A nice illustrated sewing pattern to make a baby romper out of an adult t-shirt. It will be a nice option as we have some t-shirts left which we don’t wear.

HERE is the free pattern for this DIY Baby romper. Have a craftier day ahead!