Time is money. So, no one wants to kill their time for nothing. What if you could make something you really wanted for a less cost and time? You definitely would go for it. Won’t you? This cute little baby blanket will cost you about half of the pre-made blankets and about 15 minutes to make. If you are a busy mum with a tight budget then, this would be a perfect choice to add up one of the most important items in your baby list for a little money and time.

HERE is the guide on how to make this blanket. Enjoy!

Babywearing is something I’d love to do because I get to do 2 things at once. Taking care of my baby, and doing other household work while he is with me. I’ve made a mei tai for my first son before but. I didn’t know that there’s an easy way to make a baby wrap with a little time and material. HERE is a cool tutorial on how to make a moby wrap for wearing your baby easily. Moby wrap is more comfortable than a mei tai because you get to wrap your baby fully inside it.

Click here for the tutorial. Enjoy!

As a mother, I would like to wear my kids differently. I always look for unique designs which will make my son special. If I had a chance to find this pattern before I would definitely choose this pattern as my next project because this is one of a kind crochet bootie pattern which you can not find anywhere other than making it by your self.

This is actually a cool and fun project suitable for a 6 month old baby. But, you can adjust the yarn and hook to make it suitable for any size of babies.

HERE is the pattern for this fun Flamingo Feet Baby Booties.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Not like the traditional Shell stitch, this stitch looks more like a real shell which makes a unique look. This stitch creates a warm and dense textured fabric which is perfect for baby blankets. The stitch will look amazing on rainbow colors because the colors can highlight the shell pattern perfectly.

The pattern and the tutorial has shared by mypicot and you can get the written pattern from this PAGE.


Just as the title says, this is an easy baby blanket pattern which a beginner can make in a little time. Final dimensions of 21 inches width and 27 inches length and it’s puffy look make it perfect for newborn babies. the blanket is made with double crochet which is one of the easiest stitches of crochet.

HERE is the guide on how to make this baby blanket with your crochet yarn. Enjoy!