DIY Crochet Blanket Bag Hybrid | Free Crochet Pattern

This is an interesting Crochet Blanket pattern I found from Pinterest which can be converted into a bag. It’s useful when you go out for a picnic and there are no other place to sit other then the floor. You can bring your goods with this blanket by wrapping it with the rope and just unwrap it where you need to sit. Seem’s cool. Right? HERE is the pattern for this free crochet pattern.

How to Knit Woven Stitch | An Illustrated Guide

Woven stitch creates a woven texture on your knits which is great with t-shirt yarn. This step by step instructions with appropriate pictures will teach you how to knit woven stitch in no time. If you still don’t get it, they also have shared a video tutorial on how to knit woven stitch. So, HERE you go. Visit this page and learn this knitting technique.

How to Knit Moss Stitch | An Illustrated Tutorial

Moss Stitch also called as seed stitch is a really nice looking textured technique that consists of one knit, one purl alternated across an entire row. Then on the next row, you simply continue with one knit and one purl but alternate the order. Seems easy. Isn’t it? But for a newbie in Knitting, it isn’t. This is an illustrated guide which consists of images and a video guide on how to knit Moss Stitch.

Here is the LINK for this video tutorial. Enjoy!