Baby shoes are one of my favorite sewing crafts which will take around 10 to 15 minutes. If I had a girl I would not stop making baby shoes because there’s no enough amount of shoes and hats for a cute little baby girl. This is another craft project in my bucket list if I get a baby girl. This cute looking Mary Jane Baby Shoes Pattern is shared by Lindsay Wilkes at TheCottageMama.

HERE is the free pattern.

Macrame is a different kind of ancient craft we don’t often talk about. With macrame knots you can create beautiful wall hangers and some decorative arts we can hang on.This is a rare tutorial I found about macrame knots. Macrame is not a difficult craft if you know the basic knots. This is an easy tutorial on basic macrame knots with illustrated materials. Ready to macrame. HERE is the tutorial.

Got a half an hour free time everyday? How about making it useful instead of killing it up by sleeping? These are some creative sewing crafts that you can try making with less materials and around 30 minutes time. If you are really enjoying sewing as a hobby then I am sure that you’ll love to read this list of 30 things to sew in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

You don’t have to be an expert to make profit out of sewing crafts. Just a bit of creativity with a basic understanding of sewing can make you some money if you take action. These are some cute ideas which will take around 10 minutes to make and still sell it for some money.I’m sure that you’ll get a dozens of ideas by just looking at this list. Have a crafty day ahead!

The easiest way to learn sewing is first starting off with hand sewing. You will learn the very basics and some useful tips and tricks the easier way without much complicated use of sewing machine. When you get used to sewing, then you can learn the basics of sewing machine and get creative right away. If you are a beginner who would love to learn sewing, HERE is a nice list of Hand Sewing Projects which you can sew within minutes.

No matter how many times we try, trying to be organized is something we can never achieve with kids. Though we can at least try by keeping storage boxes, bags or something we make to keep our things in one place. If you make those organizers attractive, then you can trick your little ones to help you keeping your things in proper place. These are some cute looking sewing projects which you can try at home to make your home more organized.

HERE is the list of 11+ Free Sewing Projects to Make You More Organized. Have a craftier day ahead!

There’s nothing more for a beginner knitter if a marvelous looking knitting project is easy to achieve. This is a gorgeous knitting pattern which is easy for a beginner to knit. You need a fie yarn and 3.0mm knitting needle for this project. If you have those tools then HERE is the pattern to start this project right away.

Crocheting is a good craft for keeping your mind calm and healthy. If you get upset fast for any  reason you should consider crocheting as you’ll learn how to bear up slowly and effectively. However, there are some times we get mad at crocheting for some dumb reasons. May be it’s because something we don’t know about crochet, and may be there is no reason at all. However, if you learn these tips you can avoid most of those interruptions while crocheting your next project. HERE  is a nice list of crochet tips if you are still learning crochet.

If you are crocheting for a while and you know that with some patterns, we can’t keep straight edges as we need. The standard way to keep crocheting is crochet 3 chains for double crochet but, if you need to keep a straight edge you have to skip one chain from the turning point. Don’t get it? This article will explain everything about keeping straight edges in crochet.

HERE is the link to visit the page.

Crocheters who love elegant and cute hats, this is often another nice chance to create a waffle stitch beanie with their own hands in just a brief amount of your time. I hope you’ve got enough experience of crocheting one among the most effective stitches – waffle stitch, as a result of our today’s project completely depends on it ability. So, let’s get right down to the business. Start crochet today and get a big pleasure.

HERE is the pattern for this beanie hat.