Stylish Things to Know

I don’t know if this is irrelevant to my niche but I found it useful to read this set of image collection because it includes dress styles too. Hey but fashion is part of sewing. Right? This Handy fashion post includes almost every fashion trends to try from head to tip toe. It’s no use describing about this handy post. I am certain that you’ll love reading that post right away. So, just visit HERE.

Adorable Maxi Dress Patterns

Would you like a list of maxi dress patterns?Maxi dresses are my favorite out of all because they make me look gorgeous with my little one. They are suitable for any location hence I don’t need to change my dress everywhere. However I prefer flared maxies because we always travel on motor bike. Otherwise I would love to wear tight skirts too. HERE is a list of tutorials to make maxi dresses and skirts. All of them are easy to make even though it takes some time.

The 10-Minute Skirt (re-purposing old shirts into skirts)

When you go out shopping for your little girl and she picks up simple but pricey skirt what would you think? Yeah. I could make that easily with my old clothes. Right? Yes. This is one skirt pattern you can make in 10 minutes. And you can make those with your old shirts, skirts or any dress you can think of (and oh yes. They should be large enough to make a skirt. Right?). Here is the pattern.

8 Adorable & Free Little Girl Dress Patterns

These little girl dress patterns are suitable for summer which is now. You can find some easy projects as well as hard projects however all are free. So, no matter if you are a beginner or and advanced sewer you can find a perfect dress pattern for your girl. Here is the tutorial for 8 adorable & free little girl dress patterns.