Pinterest is a wonderful resource for crafty mum. You can find almost anything from Pinterest for your needs. I found this yardage chart while I was at Pinterest and thought I should share because I found it useful.

Yardage Chart

Time is becoming more valuable than any other. So, unfortunately we’re losing our valuable creativity because of lack of time. Yet, we still love crafts and still trying to make some within a little time.Here are some small sewing projects which you could finish in an hour. It does take around an hour which is a lot of time now a days. But, every minute of it will be worthy if you spend that time crafting. HERE is the list.


Maxi skirts are a great way to style everyday outfits, plus they look quite modest too. One thing I would love to do is to stock up my closet with gazillion of them. One for every day of the month. ? But then, there’s a whole budget thing to keep in mind. Well, there’s a solution for that too. DIY! Make my own maxi skirts with all the different tutorials found on the web. Here is a list of many different types of maxi skirts free sewing patterns and tutorials that are available on the net! I hope you get inspired to make your own maxi skirts to stock up your wardrobe.

Source : Sew Some Stuff

Maxi Skirts Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

So sew easy has compiled a list of floor pillow patterns to try out on your next project. Floor pillows are famous around kids as they love a little personal space inside the house. Check out the list to see if you got the perfect pattern for your child. HERE is the list.

DIY 20+ Free Floor Pillow Patterns

This is by far the easiest bean bag tutorial I’ve ever seen. Not like the complicated bean bag tutorials, you can make one with just two pieces of fabric, one zipper and a sewing machine. It will take you around 30 minutes to finish this project and will get you lot’s of love from your kids. Have fun sewing. HERE is the tutorial.

DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair in 30 Minutes

Keeping everything organized while in the car is now achievable because of these handy car organizers made by crafters. They are so simple to make which you can make one around in 1 hour. However, keeping one of these Car Diddy Bag is a smart choice. What if you can make one for your self? HERE is the tutorial.

DIY Car Diddy Bag - Free Sewing Pattern

Sewing small pieces together can go beyond just stitching up together. It can give your project a great look if you sew them through a pattern. Just scraps are enough to make a nice pattern with patchwork. Below images proves that. From Lauri’s Blog.

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows2

If you ever sew a zipper, you know how horrible is sewing a zipper into your project. Yes. Zippers are really scary just as Heather from the Sewing Loft says in her blog. but, you don’t have to worry because she has shared a nice list of hacks you’ll wish you knew years ago. HERE is the original article of “11 Zipper Hacks to Improve Your Sewing”.

11 Zipper Hacks to Improve Your Sewing

Sewing project not only make your home beautiful but also save your money. That’s why every mum is trying to teach her daughter to sew. If you are not sure of what to sew for your next project then here is a huge list of Crafty sewing projects that might helpful for your home needs. Here is the list of 72 Crafty Sewing Projects For The Home.

72 Crafty Sewing Projects For The Home

Although sewing is an addicting craft it takes much time if you don’t apply some sewing hacks into your sewing life. Here are 37 more sewing hacks that will save your precious time and  will make your project better. The list is compiled by DIYJOY so all the credits goes to the author. HERE is the link to the list.

37 More Sewing Hacks You Gotta See