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25 More Sewing Hacks To Make Your Life Easier


I love making sewing projects. Just the idea of making something from a lonely piece of fabric excites me. With all the DIY sewing crafts I’ve made, I caught on to some sewing hacks that makes sewing a little easier.

25 More Sewing Hacks to Make Life Easier |Check them out at

Sewing Hacks | Useful Life Hacks

Sewing can be tricky sometimes, that’s why we posted some sewing hacks…  You loved them so much that we decided to add more. Hopefully it has helped you in sewing your zippers, never losing your scissors, and made your sewing experience all around better. I know you’re looking for more sewing hacks to help you with your sewing crafts, that’s why I’ve searched for 25 more sewing hacks that will make your life easier than it is now. Read on!

1. How to pre-wash fabric and lessen the frey

If you really have to wash the fabric first, do this easy tip to lessen the mess. Check it here.

2. How to easily sew binding and piping

Using straight pins when sewing bindings and piping can be very time consuming. You have to put it first then remove it one by one while sewing. Save time by using mini clothespins instead! See it here.

3. How to sew buttons by hand

Make buttoning and unbuttoning much easier when you do this sewing hack in sewing buttons by hand. See it here.

4. How to never lose your drawstring

We’ve all had this problem and it can drive you crazy sometimes. The worst experience I had was when it somehow went “missing” after washing. Never have that problem again with this trick. Check it out here.

5. How to alter jeans : Shorter with identical hem

If you’re shorter, I’m sure you’ve had the problem of finding the perfect pair of jeans. If it’s too long, alter them right? Here’s a better way. Check it out here.

6. How to store bobbins

Bobbins tend to get tangled together if you just throw them together in a container. Never have that problem by using your trusted toe separator. Check it out here.

7. How to secure a shank button

Sew a regular button on the inside of the garment behind the shank button. What a great tip! Check it here.

8. How to hem curved edges

You won’t get frustrated anymore when you reach the curved edge while sewing garment. See why here.

9. How to avoid the button hole from ripping to far

Pin it! It doesn’t only apply to Pinterest but you can also use this tip to make sure your button hole doesn’t open too far. See it here.

10. How to make an easy allowance guide

If you need to make a wide seam allowance, use rubber bands to temporarily mark it. Check it out here.

11. Serger Thread Hack

Refill your spool with this amazing serger thread hack. Check it out here.

Just remember,  the serger thread isn’t as thick as sewing machine thread. This is a better hack for small light projects or mockups – not ideal for projects that will see a lot of use.

12. How to gather fabric easily

Using a crochet thread will make gathering fabric so much easier and cooler. Check it out here.

13. Double Needle Thread Hack

Create this sewing hack to add a 2nd spool of thread! Great hack for projects that need double needles | 25 More Sewing Hacks to Make Life Easier | Check them out at

via Make it Love it

You don’t have to get frustrated when you don’t have the second spool holder and you have to double needle. This sewing hack will show you how. Check it here.

14. How to prepare your fabric for hand embroidery

Make your embroidery project last a long time by preparing your fabric the right way. Check it out here.

15. How to make a bias tape template

Bias tape template will make binding and finishing edges so much easier. Click here to download your free printable.

16. How to stitch perfect lines for quilts

Use masking tape to stitch perfect lines on your quilt | 25 More Sewing Hacks to Make Life Easier | Check them out at

via Makery

This is really no magic at all. All you need is some masking tape! Check it out here.

17. How to keep your scissors sharp

A dull scissor won’t do you much good. Find out how you can keep your scissors sharp and ready all the time. Check it out here.

18. How to lengthen or shorten a pattern

Never have a pattern without your size with this sewing hack. Check it out here.

19. How to make invisible zippers

Have you been wondering for a long time how they make those invisible zippers? Find out how here.

20. How to turn a crisp point on any collar

Make perfectly crisp corner to any collar with this sewing technique. Check it out here.

21. How to sew a circle

Drawing a circle is hard, just imagine sewing it. But with this sewing hack, all your circles will be perfectly rounded all the time. Check it out here.

22. How to finish seams without a serger

Here are not one but six ways that you can finish seams without using a serger. Check it out here.

23. How to take care of thread tails

It’s not advisable to just cut those thread tails no matter how annoying they can be. Tuck them into the trimming! Check it out here.

24. How to sew with no knots or tails

Never have to worry about tying a knot when you start sewing. This is a truly clever sewing hack. Check it out here.

25. How to not have stubborn straight pins

You’ll never have a problem sticking pins into layers of fabric with this sewing hack. Soap is the answer! Check it here. It also make a cute pincushion.

Did you enjoy our list of sewing hacks? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these sewing hack ideas. Do you have any other craft projects you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try.

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