10 Minute Cleaning Hacks That Will Keep Your Home Sparkling


These 10-minute cleaning hacks will change the way you clean your home forever! 10 Minute Cleaning Hacks for Home |

Cleaning house is always a pain, but especially if you live wildly in the crafts world (my basement looks like a glitter bomb went off in it). Sometimes, you may be too tired or too lazy to clean, other times you just have too many DIY projects that take priority, right? That’s the reason why there are life hacks, to help you get through those mundane tasks you just don’t want to do. Here are some DIY cleaning tips I know you’ll love to help you get through it.

House Cleaning | Life Hacks

House cleaning is my least favorite chore. You can make me do the dishes, wash the laundry but cleaning, that’s a different story. I try to make a house cleaning checklist to help me have a clean house but sometimes, the lazy girl in me just over powers me.

I don’t want a dirty house since as many say, your house is the reflection of yourself and I don’t want people thinking that I’m a slob. Also with the kids running around, it’s really hard to keep up and make sure that our home is always spotless. So what can I do? Cleaning hacks immediately came to mind. So if you have 10 minutes, you’ll have a clean house in no time!

14 10-Minute Cleaning Hacks For A Happy Home

1. Make sinks shine!

Use lemon and salt to clean your sink | DIY Natural Deep Cleaning Hack |

Do you sometimes stare at your sink after washing your hands or doing the dishes? I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s not as shiny as it used to be. Don’t fret! Just cut a lemon, add some rock salt and scrub away the scum! Check it out here.

2. Frozen Citrus-Rosemary Garbage-Disposal Cleaning Cubes

Frozen Citrus-Rosemary Garbage-Disposal Cleaning Cubes - it really works! | Natural and Easy DIY Kitchen Cleaning Hack |

While we’re still at the sink, don’t forget your garbage disposal! Here’s an eco-cleaner that will take less than 10 minutes to make! See how here.

3. DIY Carpet Cleaning

This at home spot treatment for carpets is amazing. | Best Fast DIY Household Cleaning Hacks |

Try this super easy carpet cleaning recipe that has only two ingredients. Remove carpet stains like they were never even there. Click here to read more.

4. How to Clean Between Oven Glass

Do you Clean BETWEEN your oven glass? Here's how. | DIY Oven Tips and Tricks Cleaning Hacks |

If you love to bake or use your oven for a lot of your meals, then I’m sure you’ve also encountered the between the oven glass stains. Finally, here’s an easy solution that will fix that. Check it out here.

5. Swiffer Dust Socks

Socks and a swiffer are great for removing dust from carpet, drapes, and binds. | Best DIY Floor Cleaning Hack |

Quit buying those expensive Swiffer replacement pads and just use an old pair of socks instead! See it here.

6. 3-Minute Fridge Clean Up

Get that fridge sparkly clean again! This awesome cleaning hack takes less than 3 minutes. | Fast and Easy DIY Fridge Cleaning Hack |

If you can do it in 1-2-3 why not right? Get your fridge sparkling clean with this amazing cleaning hack. Check it out here.

7. Kitchen Cabinet Gunk Remover

This kitchen gunk remover works so well | Seriously Easy DIY Kitchen Cleaning Hack |

With everything going around the kitchen, your kitchen cabinet is bound to suffer some gunk. Fix it with this 2-ingredient recipe. See it here.

8. Microwave Cleaning Hack

Must Read Microwave Cleaning Hack Every Frugal Girl Should Know |

Ever wanted your microwave to clean itself? Now you can make it. Follow the steps here.

9. DIY Salt Scrub

Simple DIY Salt Scrub for cat iron | Fast Natural Deep Cleaning DIY Hack |

Clean your cast iron with something that’s in your kitchen too! Just a little salt and some scrubbing, and you’re done! See it here.

Why buy when you can DIY?…

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Posted by Pioneer Settler on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

10. Couch Cleaning

Clean your fabric furniture with this DIY hack | Easy and Fast Household Cleaning Hack |

Tired of looking at the grime that keeps collecting on your sofa? Here’s an easy and fast way you can make it look and feel like new! Check it out here.

11. No-Scrub Stove Burners Cleaning Hack

The No Scrub Way To Clean Your Stove Burners | Life Changing Kitchen Cleaning Hack |

It’s such a chore to keep your stove burner clean. What if there’s a way where you don’t even have to scrub? Find out here.

12. Pick Up Crumbs with Tape

TAPE: the ultimate dust and crumb remover | Best Home Cleaning Hack |

Here’s another good reason to stock up on tape.

13. Cleaning Pillows

Great hack for cleaning pillows | Must Read DIY Cleaning Hack |

No need to take your pillows to the cleaners. Save time and money with this easy solution. See it here.

14. Easy Shower Head Cleaning

Easy Shower Head Cleaning | Seriously Life Changing Cleaning Hacks Every Girl Should Know |

You just need one thing to get that hard water out of your shower head. Find out here.

Cleaning should not feel like a chore. It doesn’t always have to take hours to make your home sparkling clean. Just apply some cleaning hacks and you can have more time to enjoy time with yourself and your family.

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