As a hobby quilting is much more fun and motivating than other sewing projects. But, if you learn these tricks, you’ll find quilting is the best hobby you have among others. Pickystitch blog has shared some quilting hacks which will help you finish your quilting project more easily and professionally. Read the full list of quilting hacks from HERE.

13 Quilting Hacks that will Make Quilting Easier

After a while sharing a super hot flower baby blanket I came across with this wonderful pattern on 5 Little Monsters blog. As beautiful as the first on I shared, this blanket also made with beautiful flower motifs crocheted in different colors. Erica from 5 little monsters is gentle enough to share her baby blanket crochet pattern so she has shared the pattern for this Kennady’s Flower Garden Baby Blanket in HERE.

Kennady's Flower Garden Baby Blanket | Free Crochet Pattern

Erica from 5 Little Monsters has shared a cute little crochet amigurami toy which is made with Single Crochet stitch; the very basic stitch of crocheting. Although it is an easy pattern to imitate, the finished project looks astonishing. This boxy bear will keep your kids accompany along with their other toys very well. It is good for your ornaments collection too. If you are new to crochet amigurami then I would suggest trying this project as it may motivate you in making more complicated ones after making this free easy crochet amigurami pattern.

HERE is the free pattern.

Boxy Bear Free Crochet Amigurami Pattern

Not so many women can sew. And  not so many women can sew wonderfully. But if you are one of them who are creative and crafty you surely can make money through sewing. I found these tips very helpful in making things to sell hence I share it here. Typically I share only free tutorials in my blog but I know there are many mums who runs a sewing business who are looking for new ideas for their sewing shops.

Read the tips from HERE.

Sew to Sell | 20 Ideas for Your Handmade Shop

Brighten up your home decor with this amazing free crochet rug pattern to make a crochet heart rug that you you will love forever. This gorgeously plush, deep red heart-shaped crochet rug uses a special loop stitch to create its unique texture.

Get the Pattern HERE.

Free Crochet Rug Pattern | Crochet Heart Rug

the colors are “drool worthy.” No pattern on this Dutch site, but it’s easy to see how she made it.

From HERE.

Gorgeous granny square baby blanket

Measurements: approx 95 x 145 cm / 37½” x 57”

Materials: DROPS DELIGHT from Garnstudio 250 g color no 10, olive/rust/plum mix 50 g color no 08, green/beige mix 50 g color no 09, turquoise/purple mix 50 g color no 11, lilac/green mix

And use: DROPS FABEL from Garnstudio 200 g color no 400, black

DROPS CROCHET HOOK size 5 mm / H/8 – or size needed to get 1 square = 12 x 12 cm / 4¾” x 4¾”.


124-1 Bohemian Oasis Crochet Pattern

Get the Free Pattern From HERE.

Whenever the seasons change, I always get the urge to make over the entire house. Since that’s not exactly possible, I found a couple easy ways to at least give the linens a fresh, new look. These simple tutorials can be totally customized to your liking. I prefer to go with the bright colors of spring, but you could also go for something more moody and dark. The best part is that you can get a big change without spending a ton.

Here are 3 creative DIYs to give your linens a new look:

Read the full article HERE.


Y’all, I’m so proud of this project! And not because it took a lot of hard work….quite the opposite actually. I’m proud because of how great they look & how little work actually had to be done. Does that make me lazy? I hope not 🙂

We have pretty low ceilings in our home, probably 8 feet. So when I started on the curtain hunt I knew I wanted them to be pretty long so I could hang them from the ceiling to the floor and create some height in our living room. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find long pre-made curtains….IKEA has some that are pretty long (we used them here in our dining room), but they are also pretty plain. I didn’t want plain this go around. So I was really only left with custom curtains. And since I didn’t want to break out the sewing machine and I didn’t want to pay anyone else to break out theirs I had to get creative.

That is when I stumbled upon these fabulous patterned flat sheets at Wal-Mart of all places! I knew I had a winner 🙂

At first I hung them like this (I’ll show you how in a second):


And by at first, I mean for THREE years. While I liked them….I can’t say I ever loved this look. So last week I decided to try again.


JACKPOT! These curtains are cheap, long, and pretty!

So here is how you can hit the jackpot on these long flowing curtains that all put make themselves.

Flat sheets are a standard size of 66 inches wide x 96 inches long. If you wanted your panels to be a little more full you could use a full size sheet which is 81 inches wide and 96 inches long. Since I have single windows and never plan on really closing the curtains (although I could) so I went with the twin size.

First, you will need to wash and dry your sheets, possibly even run over them with an iron to get all the wrinkles out. Then you will need to cut them in half. To do this I simply laid the sheet out on the floor and folded it over/in half. Cut along the fold.



You will be surprised how straight this makes your cut. Now here is an optional step….use some stitch-witchery to “hem” your cut edge. Now remember I went the lazy route. Y’all I didn’t even fake sew the edge. There was little to no fraying and the line was surprisingly straight, so I just rolled with it.

Read the full Article HERE.

How to Make Fabulous Curtains from a Twin Size Sheet!

I mean it when I say PREPARE FOR YOUR MIND TO BE BLOWN. I am about to teach you how to make a no-sew bed skirt without cutting or sewing. Take a moment to process that.  No need to thank me….I AM A GIVER 🙂

Now, let me put this in context for you. Joe and I had been working on our twin girls’ room for about 8 weekends {during naps and in the evenings}, and countless week nights. I was tired people. And, in all candor, I get sick of room makeovers after working on them for that long. Long story short, I was over it. Really, really over it.

Read the full article from HERE.

No-sew bed skirt tutorial {prepare to have your mind blown!}