DIY Amazing Hand Bag Ideas

We, crafters are so passionate about our craft that, quite often we feel compelled to try an exciting project even without a given pattern. It is the “Idea” that ignites the creativity in us.We found something like that on This “out of  the box” idea  is very intriguing. The basic blocks of handbags are shown in the pictures for us to figure out the assembly. The finished products look very chic and suave. May be you can experiment with different mediums and methods that you are familiar with to get a similar result.Let us know  your experience with this project. We found this page HERE.


DIY Amazing Hand Bag Ideas

For more info and instructions about this great tutorial you can find in the source url - above the photo. is a collection of the best and most creative do it yourself and Craft projects, tips and tutorials. We don,t claim ownership to any of these photos/videos. Credits goes to the original author of this great work. For more info please read our Disclaimer page.

4 thoughts on “DIY Amazing Hand Bag Ideas”

  1. This links to a website that has taken this from Pinterest (note the watermark on the photos) — this does not link to the original author and there is no tutorial or instructions there.

    1. Of course Stephanie, I did not link to the original source simply because I couldn’t find it. If I could I definitely give the credit because IT IS Worth it. Also I didn’t actually said this as a tutorial I just said that it is a great DIY idea. For those who are creative and innovative, they’ll surely find this image helpful for their next big project. You can get the basic idea on how to make a handbag like this by seeing the image. If you are not brave enough to understand, just leave it as there are many other DIY projects out there with tutorials. Sorry for being straight but I just had to say it. AND if you know the original source of these projects, please, PLEASE let me know. I’ll be more than happy to share the link in this post.

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