I am always wondering how creative a crocheter can be. Kara at Petals and Picots is one such example who is too creative for her talent. She has proved it again with this cute little thanksgiving gift. As she says in her blog,

 I wanted to make a cute and colorful turkey to add to my Thanksgiving table. I made his body and sweet little face but couldn’t think of how I wanted to make the wings. Then it came to me … granny squares!! I am so happy with how he came out. Hope you enjoy making Mr. Gobble too!

Hat’s off Kara. He came out great that it forced me to write about you and your project in this blog. You can read her tutorial for making this Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Pattern from HERE.

Free Crochet Pattern | Thanksgiving Turkey Crochet Pattern

This is not actually a tutorial but, there’s no point in writing a tutorial either. No one needs a tutorial for learning the method of simple weaving. It will come to your hand by seeing a woven project just like that. The specialty of this project comes over because this woven rug is made out of loops cut with old t-shirts. Just random colors are used but the overall project looks great as you see it. If you have few dozens of old t-shirts you should try making one like this too. HERE is the original source.

Recycling t-Shirts | Pot Holder Area Rug

After a very long absence I am here again with another craft post. Personal problems kept me away from updating this blog so I ask forgiveness for that. I’m always been a great influencer of upcycling so after about a month, my first choice was a list of upcycling projects to try. There are 40 upcycling ideas collected at hometalk which will make you think about your old clothes in a new way. You can find these 40 brilliant upcycling ideas from this PAGE.

40 Brilliant Upcycling Ideas

Upcycling old items to new one gives a joy of almost being an inventor! It makes you feel useful and inspired. Upcycling also restores the value of your most precious things in different form like those gifts from your mother or granny that you don’t want to throw away but cannot keep them any longer.Another usefulness of upcycling is economy.Why spend big bucks,when you can make something out of the old ones!Enough said already! We stumbled upon a cute photo tutorial that can raise many eyebrows. Shared on www.96195.com this pictures instruct how to make a hat from old sweaters (or mittens). Check for yourselves HERE.

How to Make a Hat from an Old Sweater


If we tell you that a beautiful cocktail dress can be made under two hours, would you believe? Kara from www.whilecamdensleeps.com has done an amazing job of using her old dresses to create something stunning. She has taken inspiration from Stella Mccartney dress and has designed an absolutely superb long black dress. Her photo tutorials are refreshing and are very descriptive.Is there anyone who does not like a pretty black dress? She herself looks fab in her creation. Try this pattern and discover the beauty of designing. Check her page and learn from her pattern HERE

Easy DIY Long Dress Tutorial




No amount of combing and conditioning helps your crowning glory when there is a bad hair day.Or you might have a three day hair thanks to your busy schedule. It is one of those days which is annoying and equally embarrassing. There are many hairstyles that helps to work with your unmanageable mane but what about the amount of time required to work those? Thankfully crafters need not to worry when they can crochet one of  the best remedies for a bad hair day- the slouchy beanie! Acquanetta Ferguson shares an amazing pattern for the slouchy in her website  www.examiner.com. Check her instructions HERE.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern | The Hadley Slouch



We bring you the baby hoodie pattern that we found on  www.theyarnbox.com. There are so many interesting patterns to try on this website. The hoods for babies are so cute that they look amazingly adorable plus hood is kind of a protective shield that covers the entire body of the baby.Choose an ultra soft yarn to compliment your baby’s tender, soft skin.Some mothers feel that baby hoodie can make the baby snuggly which can make him/her sleep more comfortably than usual!Find the tutorials of such hoodies to make one for your toddler HERE.

Free Crochet Pattern | Baby Hoodie


We, crafters are so passionate about our craft that, quite often we feel compelled to try an exciting project even without a given pattern. It is the “Idea” that ignites the creativity in us.We found something like that on www.fabdiy.com. This “out of  the box” idea  is very intriguing. The basic blocks of handbags are shown in the pictures for us to figure out the assembly. The finished products look very chic and suave. May be you can experiment with different mediums and methods that you are familiar with to get a similar result.Let us know  your experience with this project. We found this page HERE.


DIY Amazing Hand Bag Ideas

This classy dress yell “Sweet girl of hollywood”. Jamie Christine from www.pretty-ditty.blogspot.com, has shared an amazing dress pattern on her webspot. She has cleverly modified the oh so cute honey girl dress pattern to the less shirred and no ruffle pattern. If you are looking for an elegant simple dress look no further. The halter tie up and shirred back bodice really lifts the style quotient of the dress. This dress can be made quicker than the original honey girl dress. Make your evenings stylish with this breezy ensemble. Check Jamie’s page about this pattern Here.


DIY Dress Tutorial

Crafters, take a break from crochet and knitting to create an amazing hand bag, because here is a marvelous DIY of a bucket bag made of leather. When you would look at the pattern you would go”Ah that’s quick” and it is sort of  an easy bag project. Ellie from www.ellefrost.com has shared this cute DIY. She has not only shared written pattern but has a very beautiful video that outlines the main components of this DIY. Bucket bags are so roomy that you can just dump all the necessaries into it and yet it does not look like a loaded suitcase!Find the tutorial HERE

How to Make a Leather Bucket Bag