How to Make Cute DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

This DIY reminds me of fairytales.”A light bulb aquarium”! How cute is that? If you are thinking of a homemade gift this could be that. It is just not a bulb aquarium but¬†Japanese marimo moss balls light bulb aquarium. This DIY can add some novelty to your home. it looks very cute in the backyard too. We found this amazing project on ¬† need to shop for few items before you can begin to work on this. A 4 1/4″ light bulb, some shells,pebbles,rocks,glass beads,and small Japanese marimo moss ball which could be easily available at a local craft supply store.

Find this amazing tutorial HERE.[ The link doesn’t work anymore. Site is down. I couldn’t even find an alternative tutorial. Sorry.]

How to Make Cute DIY Light Bulb Aquarium




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  1. When I pressed the link, it lead me to commercial websites and potentially cookies and viruses. Like, right after I pressed the link, I look up in my browser, and the link changed! To some other website. Please fix this…

    1. That’s because the site is down. dot tk is a free domain name provider. After some inactivity on the site, dot tk usually delete the site. That’s what happened with this site. Sorry.

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