How to make a Macrame hammock

When you see a hammock you would go back to your childhood or your last vacation. Hammocks never fail to get us hooked. Just imagine relaxing with a glass of juice with your favourite book on a hammock(not to forget your straw hat)! Angie Diersman from explains and shares how you can make one perhaps for your backyard or any corner of your house using Macrame technique.Macrame date to back to many centuries when people used this craft to make furnitures, pot or plant holders, wall hangings or any such home decor. In 90’s Macrame fashion was a big hit. For this project you require some basic tool, some math, Macrame rope and dowels for the frame. This project may require some patience and time but it is worth displaying this awesome DIY for your family and friends to see and enjoy. To get started click HERE

How to Make a Macrame Hammock

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  1. i love this craft work. can i get any guide on how make this craft via email….? plssssssssssss

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