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18,000 stitches

Kristine from shares an addictive crochet project for crochet geeks! It is an absolute simple blanket but with 18,000 stitches. Made from rows of single crochets and double crochets this blanket can help you get lost in the beauty of crocheting. She has used two colours of yarn but there is no harm  if you feel little more adventurous with multi colours. The highlight of this project is the unique “random stripe generator” technique that she has used. You can trial and error colour combinations to see how your final piece would look like. isn’t that wonderful? You could emerge with a winning colour combination for your 18,000 stitches! Grab your yarn and learn this tutorial HERE

18,000 stitches

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  1. Like the look of this blanket, wish you’d post the directions. Couldn’t pull up this page.

    1. Just updated the link. You can visit the tutorial now by visiting the link on the post Carol. Cheers.

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