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Butterfly Mug Bag Sewing Tutorial

Here’s a kind of different purposed bag pattern. A cute little bag to store your mug on the go. This bag will suit for an evening walk on a holiday. Isn’t it? The free pattern is shared as a pdf at Red-Brolly which is a blog of a mother-daughter united. You can get the free pdf pattern for this butterfly mug bag from HERE.

Update: Unfortunately the page which has this pattern is down for several months. Because of that reason I decided to share the pattern in my site. Here is the pdf pattern for this Butterfly Mug Rug. You need to download all three pdfs to get the full pattern.




Butterfly Mug Bag Free Sewing Tutorial

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23 thoughts on “Butterfly Mug Bag Sewing Tutorial”

  1. I want to thank you for the free paterm for the Butterfly mug bag it a real blessing thank you again

    1. Unfortunately site is down now. I have shared the pattern above. Please download all 3 pdfs to get the full pattern.

  2. Do you have the pdf for the bag as well? I would love to make one, but the page is still down… Any Ideas where I could find the pattern for it?

  3. Do you have the pattern for the butterfly mug bag? I have looked everywhere for it. I was able to download the patterns for the mug rug, but would love to make the bag too. Thank you!

  4. Hello, great butterfly bag, will you share the patterns with me.
    Best regards from
    Jannie, Denmark

      1. It should be against the Pinterest rules to post a “free pattern” that you cannot access such as this Butterfly mug pattern. I’ve noticed numerous people have asked you and you keep responding that it is there when clearly it is NOT!

        1. May be you are not reading the post properly? The original site is down however I managed to recover pdf pattern from web archive site. I have shared the pdf pattern within this post. There are 3 links inside the post. Those are not outbound links. Just uploaded pdfs into this site.

    1. This is the original pattern shared for this mug bag. I couldn’t find another pattern anywhere.

  5. I love the Butterfly Mug Bag, do you know where I can purchase the pattern. I have been searching for months but this is the first place that I have been able to contact for information. Thank you for your time.
    cheers Robyn

    1. You don’t have to purchase the pattern. I already shared the pattern on my blog. Please read the post carefully and look for pdf patterns I shared on it.

    2. I found a downloadable pattern but it’s in French if you’d like a copy email me @ deanie dot dreams at gmail dot com.

      1. The pdfs I shared on this post are not written in french. May be you have found the tutorial elsewhere ?

  6. The mug bag pattern is not included with the pdf, only the instructions for the mug rug which is totally different.

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