“Girls just want to have fun” remember cyndi lauper? Are you in mood for a party with your besties and planning to wear something wild? Perhaps a skeleton tee! You would need a plain tee preferably in cotton(you can get bold with printed too),a fabric razor, measuring tape, sewing machine(optional),any hard surface to work on and voila!Leila has created this DIY and has shared on shopplanetblue.blogspot.ca with a detailed photo tutorial. This could be a short afternoon project for an evening party.T shirts are like second skin and are very versatile, you just need to let your imagination reign free. Find the tutorial HERE.

how-to:skeleton tee

Amigurumi is great fun when you start off with the easy patterns. Working in rounds to create adorable little things can get hard at times but when you start with tiny projects, Amigurumi is quite enjoyable. KristieMn shares her  cute tutorial of Tiny Striped Turtle on www.crochetville.com. The finished small turtles would measure 2 inches in height and 3 1/2 inches in width. These can be great toys for your baby or can make an excellent gifts for kids. These can also be turned into keychains or tags for kids lunch bags and pencil cases. Using bright hued chunky yarns can make the turtles attractive. She has used four colours for two turtles. Get started and click HERE  for tutorial.

Tiny Striped Turtles

Everything about babies are magical. To make those initial miraculous moments memorable Merissa from www.littlehouseliving.com has a cute and quick pattern for a simple baby receiving  blanket. You can custom make these blankets as you need to comfort  your little bundle of joy. These are thick and cozy for the babies to cuddle. Embellish with embroidery or any colourful stitches. Use of a sewing machine is optional though it can speed up the process. Another project for keepsakes! Learn the photo tutorials for this blanket HERE.

10 Minute Simple Baby Receiving Blanket Pattern

At times relaxing at a beach or  your crib may recharge you, for those destress hours this  Elastic Waist Skirt  tutorial may come in handy. Whether you want to unwind making one or wear it to relax, they are as comfortable as skin. Any skirt with pockets would make your life easier! There are two versions of this dress-a longer and a shorter one, both with pockets. The maxi or short skirt,  if teamed  up with a basic tee and accessorized then you are good to go. Get fabric with prints for this project. Leanna Shares this beautiful skirt on her website asmallsnippet.com. Try out this awesome tutorial HERE.

Elastic Waist skirt

Beginner level craft projects are always fun and quick. They would not have complicated patterns hence one can get hooked completely. After all art and craft is all about the “feel” and “Touch”. Talking of which two pretty girls Kenzie and Kayla have collected an interesting set of 5 sewing projects for newbies in their blog, orchardgirls.blogspot.com. If you are wondering what could you make for your little ones this project is for you. All five things are made of simple materials nothing fancy(of course you can add your touch) and are very useful too. Get started HERE for the detailed tutorial.

5 Sewing Projects for Beginners


This project is as simple as it can get. A basic easy baby quilt with lot of straight lines to sew. Excited? Mique from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com shares an incomplex baby quilt pattern for all you beginners out there.This project will help you to get basic skills needed for quilting using linear lines right. There is a detailed photo tutorial with crisp instructions about materials and method. Though it is a simple quilt, using some colour play could make it more playful. Take a look at this super simple quilt HERE.

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial


The beauty of this project is that you can make one of this to your daughter or for yourself! All it takes is 45 minutes, some good fabric and supplies. Ashley from www.makeit-loveit.com has shared this cute dress.Another best thing about this project is that there are no sleeves to be sewed, It is inbuilt in the design and when the waistline in tugged it transforms into a beautiful butterfly tunic dress.This Tunic dress is very comfortable and suits many casual occasions. Learn from the photo tutorial HERE.

The 45 minute Butterfly Sleeve Tunic Dress

A simple neatly done Pillowcase never seizes to surprise craft enthusiasts. They can be made in a jiffy and would not cost you a bomb. Imagine an easy, pillowcase with elegant seam? The results are extraordinary. Ashley from www.makeit-loveit.com shares an amazing DIY and sewing project. The elegant pillowcases that are made from this tutorial has French Seam, It might take an extra 10 minutes but the results are well worth it. She has shared 3 various styles and coloured pillows. It makes a good giveaway of a comfort gift. Kids would love this too. Take a look at the photo tutorial shared by Ashley HERE.



The sturdy cotton warp textile, denim is a versatile fabric. They can be used for a long time and with multiple washes they only get better. There are instance when you would want to throw your denim but think again because they can be transformed into beautiful things by recycling! Jessica from www.jessicarebelo.com has an amazing idea of turning the old denim pieces into a cute trendy pouch.

If you have already recycled your denim but are left with few more pieces, this project can help you to further transform those pieces into something useful. Jessica shares this great photo tutorial HERE.

Recycled denim pouch bag{DIY}



Bored of your old pair of jeans? An upcycle to adorn your wardrobe might be just right for you. How about a crop top? This chic crop top goes well with skirts,trousers and casual shorts too. Candice explains all about old cloths and how they are recycled on a large scale by textile firms and also shares this amazing photo tutorial of crop top on her website www.refabdiaries.com. This project requires some fine sewing and can be finished within few hours. Get ready for this creative tutorial HERE. Are we hearing chop chop?

How to Make a New Top Chop Chop with Old Jeans