Cute DIY Tote Bag with Upcycled Sweater and Printed Fabric

Last few days I couldn’t come online because I’ve gone through a difficult time together with my son as my my son caught by a horrible disease, “Hand,Foot and Mouth”. He, now don’t have any fever but, he still got scars from those horrible blisters. Hope they will blur away.

Ok. Back to the topic. Today I came with another great recycling project which I found from Pinterest. The project is shared by Nocole at Lemon Squeezy Home as a guest post. This DIY tote bag is made with old sweater and some printed fabrics. If you have some old sweaters left and if you don’t like to just throw it away, you could try making one like this. As I always say, recycling is good for environment as well as for your pocket. So, why not recycling?

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Cute DIY Tote Bag with Upcycled Sweater and Printed Fabric

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