I have almost forgotten this technique for a long time until I saw a smocked pillow design from pinterest. And then I remembered how I used to stay at nowhere not knowing how to smock. But not anymore. With this great tutorial I can try smocking again and I am sure that I’ll be able to smock this time.

HERE is the tutorial for Canadian Smocking. Have fun!

Canadian Smocking Tutorial

This concept is not practical in our country as dogs and cats usually lives outdoor in our country. Many people don’t allow their pets to live indoor as a family member even they are from a better breed. But I know that pets deserve a better place in developed countries such as UK, USA and Australia and you guys actually spare some space in your home like as they are your family. A pet bed, pet dish and pet dresses are not unusual for you. This is a tutorial on how to make a pet bed for your loving little pet. I think you’ll love the puffed look of this sweet little bed.

From kafijaskruze.blogspot.com/2013/10/interesantas-sutas-lietas-fun-sewing.html

DIY How to Sew a Pet Bed

Pouches are used to keep your coins on the go. So, it is important to keep that handy tool as small as possible. You can buy so many designs from the shop but, as I always say making some makes you unique from others. And making your own tools saves you some handy amount of money.

This is an easy guide on how to make a mini heart shaped pouch which will help you organize your coins on the go. As it is easy to sew, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful. See it by yourself below. Found this great tutorial from HERE.

How to Make a Mini Hearth Pouch

Today I got to visit an interesting craft site which is unfortunately in another language. I am not a language geek so, it makes me uncomfortable seeing blogs written in other languages. However, this post took my interest as this pillow sewing project is so much interesting. If I am not mistaken, this technique is called as smocking. You could find the name for this sewing technique later. Just get some fabric and test sewing I say. 🙂

HERE is the original sourse.

DIY Pillow Pattern Puffed Sleeves

If have some kids in your home you would probably know how do they love stuffed toys. When you go shoppinng their eye’s always keeps popping on stuffed animals section. Have you noticed it before? Well, if you are a good parent, then you already have.

This is a wonderful felt animal design you could try making at your home. This cute toy is easy to make however, you need wool felt fabric to make this felt koala stuffie look like the original pattern. Get the pattern and the tutorial for DIY Felt Koala Stuffie from HERE.

DIY Felt Koala Stuffie Tutorial

I’ve been planning to write this post for about 3 days but I couldn’t because every time I start writing my son wakes up. The bad habit of my son is that he doesn’t allow me to work online while he is awake which leaves me only one option. Writing content when he is asleep. And the bad thing is that he usually sleep less. Hmm.

This is one of a kind post I found extra useful as many doesn’t know the exact name of clothes when it comes to describing. Stop reading this right away and see this POST to see how many names you didn’t know before.

Ultimate Clothing Style Guide

Really have no time explaining, so just quoting some text from the original post. Hope you don’t mind

“A few weeks ago I was window shopping on Anthro and came across this gorgeous embellished and tie-dyed top. That $228 price take pretty much blew my mind but it also got my wheels turning about how I could remake it for myself. That thought evolved into making a dress which evolved into making the swim cover I’m going to show you today! ”

Read the tutorial HERE.


So, this one really took my eye because I’ve got lot’s of left over shirts of my husband. He is not interested in shirts anymore hence, he put them all away. I couldn’t bear that so, I just stocked them in my wardrobe for future use. Accidentally, I stumbled upon this site and took my interest right away. After looking at those handful of ideas I now know what to do with those ‘useless for my husband’ shirts. If you’ve got some shirts that is not worn anymore then you must read this post as there are so many creative ideas to upcycle them.

HERE is the list.

Refashioning Men's Shirts is So Much Fun

The Best of Men's Shirt Refashioning

Knowing some hacks will make you smarter because they will help you to save your time and money. And of course implementing those hacks will make your work easy as well as fun. These are 19 Sewing hacks you could implement while sewing to enjoy sewing. This list is shared by the user thetraintocrazy on Buzfeed and already took much attention on social media. I am sharing it here because I saw it as a worthwhile to share. HERE is the list.

19 Sewing Hacks You Should Know

Puffy quilts makes a great gift idea for your loved ones but the problems lies between your hand and the pocket. :P. Puffy quilts are expensive and it is harder to find free tutorials out there on puffy quilting. However, I found this great tutorial from Buzzing and Bumbling This tutorial will teach you how to sew puffy quilts. As you may find, it is actually easy to DIY puffy quilts and the best thing is that this tutorial is shared for free.

You can find the tutorial from HERE.

Puffy Quilt Tutorial