30 DIY Tops and Blouses Ideas

Today I am in a mood of making a blouse so, searched for blouse patterns through the internet. I found so many interestinng DIY projects. This one catch my eyes so fast so I thought I should share it here. This post has 30 DIY Tops & Blouses Ideas which you can try. You can read the full post HERE.

30 DIY Tops & Blouses Ideas

Recycling Old Blouses

Long sleeve blouses are old fashioned. But what if you still love that good old blouse so much? Then recycling is a way to keep your loving blouse with you for some time. This creative idea is from My fashion Sketch Book blog. This site has many more ideas on recycling old dresses. Read the full post from This Link.

Recycling Old Blouses

Sewing Tutorial | A Beautiful Silk Blouse

If you have some spare time left with some silk fabric then this project will make your day. This beautiful silk blouse can be made with only 1 yard of fabric however, you need some sewing experience to sew this blouse as silk fabric is hard to sew. You can dress up or down this simple but elegant blouse on any occasion. Need I say more explanations? You can find the pattern with tutorial HERE.

How to make beautiful silk blouse