We Are Moved to Site5

Not a traditional type post today but, I thought I should inform you the news. My previous host banned my hosting account due to bandwidth exceeding as I’ve got lots of visitors recently. I’ve even got no warning nor no notification email before banning my account and I’ve lost so much valuable readers for more than 12 hours. Yes, my site was down for more than 12 hours and I’ve lost thousands of readers today. However, I managed to move my hosting to Site5.com about 6 hours ago. As I am not geeky as I were before I requested free site migration from them. And here I am, back again online. Site migration within 6 hours? That’s the best customer service I had in years. Definetely recommend their service to any of you. If you got to make a website, then Site5 is the service you must go after.

Happy crafting!

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