5 Beautiful Quilting Patterns

Today I came with new quilting ideas for your next project. I won’t post the full project photos as I am only concentrating o quiltig patterns. Here you go.

Made in America Quilt Design


Amanda from CrazyMomQuilts shares this design at her blog HERE. You can see the finished project there.

5 Beautiful Quilting Designs 2


Rebecca from Ruby Blue Quilting Studio shares this design on their blog HERE. You can see the finished project there.

5 Beautiful Quilting Designs 3


Another great design from CrazyMomQuilts. See the Full pattern on their Blog Page.

5 Beautiful Quilting Designs 4


This is so far the best quilting design I saw from a quilter. She has embosed every detail of the patchwork design by quilting. It looks fabulous. Click Here for the full project details with more pictures.

5 Beautiful Quilting Designs 5


Abby from Latimer Lane shares this design and many other great designs at her blog http://latimerlane.blogspot.com/ If you are a quilting addict, it is one of the must read blogs although it is not updated frequently.

So, here they are. 5 Beautiful Quilting Designs to make your day.

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