Patchwork Purse From English Paper Piecing Technique

Well, this is not a tutorial but I thought to share this as an inspiration for the fellow crafters. English paper piecing is an old technique  which is popular right now. This purse is designed with this old technique and as you see it looks fabulous.

The pirse look fancy and classic looking which is perfect for occations like personal parties, weddings and even for simple shopping visits. You can use it as a coin purse but if you make it a little larger  it will fit as a makeup storage purse. Possibilities are endless. You just need a creativity and a little bit of imagination. This patchwork purse from english paper piecing technique can be a great gift for your loved ones too.


Patchwork Purse From English Paper Piecing Technique
Patchwork Purse From English Paper Piecing Technique
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