This is a cute looking knot headband you could make with your old tee shirt, needle and thread. It looks hard at first but, when you get used to the pattern you can simply make many of these within minutes.

These are really nice looking crochet shawl patterns I stumbled upon while searching on the internet. However, you need to know how to read crochet charts in order to make these because all of the patterns are shared only with the chart, not with detailed instructions. So, if you know how to read charts then you are so lucky. Here are the charts for these lovely looking shawl patterns.


Super Bulky chunky yarn is a trend now in Knitting world. Not only they give your project a chunky but elegant look but also they make your project super easy and fast because they take a vast space in a single knit. I have seen many blanket projects made by Chunky yarns but not a single hat pattern so far. This is the first knitting hat pattern I saw which knitted with super bulky chunky yarn. It’s also a free pdf Pattern.

You have to read the details first if you want to download this pdf pattern. HERE is the link to download this free knitting pattern of Soho Hat.

There’s a specialty about Japanese Crochet. Unlike other crochet designs, Japanese Crochet Designs seem elegant, delicate and balanced. Once you try out a Japanese design, you’ll fall in love with them. If you never tried before, this is a simple project which you can get the feeling of Japanese Crochet.

This is basically a granny square pattern which changed into a coaster. The original pattern and changes made to make this pattern is shared in this PAGE. Be sure to translate the page through Google translator. I hope you like this one.


Crochet hearts coasters by Anabelia 13

It’s been a while since I last published a sewing pattern because my mind was really into crochet designs lately. However, I have decided to share a sewing pattern today because this dress took my eye at first sight. The original pattern was shared by Great British Sewing Bee and this pattern is shared by Sew Different. It looks like it isn’t easy as it looks to make one of these but, it’s worth a shot.

Check if you can sew one of these Drapery Knit Dress. HERE is the Pattern.

If you are fascinated by lacy blankets then, this might be a nice blanket pattern for you. Briar Rose Blanket is made with 2 balls of Super Saver Ombre from Red Heart and a 6.0 mm J crochet hook. This pattern is shared in youtube by Jennifer Dickerson. You can find the video tutorial from below.


From FibreFluxblog


I have found a nice looking Poncho pattern which is suitable for cold weather. The secret to making a lovely Poncho like this one is using attractive and matching colors. Or you can use colors used in the original pattern. As I think, Pink, Purple and Orange color mix will give this Poncho a bright and colorful look. All instructions are explained perfectly in the Picture thanks to the Author of this pattern. Feel free to download and make one of these.

Winter is on the way and you need more and more warm clothes to cover up you and your loved ones. Yarn woven clothes and fabrics are the best for this winter because of their comfort ability and softness. This is a crocheted blanket which suits for your baby. You can easily learn how to make one of these from video tutorial shared on Design peak. Click Here to watch the tutorial of Bobble stripe Blanket.

Chunky throw blanket is the new trend in DIY world because of it’s elegant look. It is super easy to knit chunky throw blanket however, it is super expensive to buy one of them in the market. What if I told you that you can make one of these for less than $40 without any tools but yarn.?

Yes, you can knit one of thee without any tools. It is called as arm knitting and this article will point you through several video tutorials which helps you through making a knitting Chunky throw Blanket.

I always wonder why so many beautiful crafts are written at Russian sites. May be it’s because they are talented than many other countries. However, there are no boundaries for arts and crafts. Right? This is such a wonderful knitting pattern I found on a Russian craft site. You need to translate it through a translator like Google translator to get the pattern in your language.

HERE is the link for the Knitting pattern of Infinite Rainbow Throw.

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