If you are looking for some easy yet elegant looking crochet blanket pattern then this might be a perfect fit for you. This is a free crochet pattern shared in EveryTrickonTheHook and it is shared as different parts for each square.

Click HERE for the free crochet pattern.


Beautiful stitches and a perfect color combination is what a crochet project make unbelievably awesome. This is another perfect crochet blanket which is combined with several crochet stitches. This is a free crochet pattern which you can follow and make your own. Click HERE for this awesome free crochet pattern.



Here in Sri Lanka, monkey plush toy is famous around tuk-tuk drivers because it gives a cute look into their tuk-tuks. Besides the hanging monkey, I’ve never seen a different toy like it. Maybe because there aren’t any. After seeing this toy I instantly thought this would be a perfect alternative for those monkeys and way cuter than them. Sloth is actually a cute animal. The idea of sloth puff toy; That’s brillient.

HERE is the free sewing pattern for this Adorable Sloth Plush Toy. Enjoy!

These days baby items get my attention more because I am expecting one. Even though rompers aren’t famous in our country I fell in love with them when I got some for my elder son. It was easier to dress up my baby with a romper than other clothes. So, I googled for prices of rompers for my 2nd baby but, even though they aren’t expensive, shipping rates for our country are unbearable.

So, I decided to find a free sewing pattern to make some and here’s what I found. A nice illustrated sewing pattern to make a baby romper out of an adult t-shirt. It will be a nice option as we have some t-shirts left which we don’t wear.

HERE is the free pattern for this DIY Baby romper. Have a craftier day ahead!

Crocheting is fun when you crochet beautiful stitches with your project. But, there are many ey catching stitches in crochet which will give your project a unique look with that stitch alone. These are 20 most eye-catching stitches we can find online in crocheting.

Click here for the list. Enjoy crocheting!

This afghan edging technique will give your project a more 3d look because this stitch will give you flower petals look. Unlike traditional edging, this will require a bit complicated work to get this stitch correctly. However, if you follow THIS TUTORIAL you’ll learn how to crochet this crochet flower stitch in no time.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Even though we love crocheting, we often miss something where it is a must. Like yarn storage, color picking, tools for crocheting while traveling;  we often forget or have no idea about keeping organized our materials in those circumstances. Though you are a beginner or not, these tips will help you to be a better crocheter at all times.

Click HERE for 17 Secrets to Being a Better Crocheter.


Time is money. So, no one wants to kill their time for nothing. What if you could make something you really wanted for a less cost and time? You definitely would go for it. Won’t you? This cute little baby blanket will cost you about half of the pre-made blankets and about 15 minutes to make. If you are a busy mum with a tight budget then, this would be a perfect choice to add up one of the most important items in your baby list for a little money and time.

HERE is the guide on how to make this blanket. Enjoy!

Babywearing is something I’d love to do because I get to do 2 things at once. Taking care of my baby, and doing other household work while he is with me. I’ve made a mei tai for my first son before but. I didn’t know that there’s an easy way to make a baby wrap with a little time and material. HERE is a cool tutorial on how to make a moby wrap for wearing your baby easily. Moby wrap is more comfortable than a mei tai because you get to wrap your baby fully inside it.

Click here for the tutorial. Enjoy!

As a mother, I would like to wear my kids differently. I always look for unique designs which will make my son special. If I had a chance to find this pattern before I would definitely choose this pattern as my next project because this is one of a kind crochet bootie pattern which you can not find anywhere other than making it by your self.

This is actually a cool and fun project suitable for a 6 month old baby. But, you can adjust the yarn and hook to make it suitable for any size of babies.

HERE is the pattern for this fun Flamingo Feet Baby Booties.

Have a craftier day ahead!