If we tell you that a beautiful cocktail dress can be made under two hours, would you believe? Kara from www.whilecamdensleeps.com has done an amazing job of using her old dresses to create something stunning. She has taken inspiration from Stella Mccartney dress and has designed an absolutely superb long black dress. Her photo tutorials are refreshing and are very descriptive.Is there anyone who does not like a pretty black dress? She herself looks fab in her creation. Try this pattern and discover the beauty of designing. Check her page and learn from her pattern HERE

Easy DIY Long Dress Tutorial




This classy dress yell “Sweet girl of hollywood”. Jamie Christine from www.pretty-ditty.blogspot.com, has shared an amazing dress pattern on her webspot. She has cleverly modified the oh so cute honey girl dress pattern to the less shirred and no ruffle pattern. If you are looking for an elegant simple dress look no further. The halter tie up and shirred back bodice really lifts the style quotient of the dress. This dress can be made quicker than the original honey girl dress. Make your evenings stylish with this breezy ensemble. Check Jamie’s page about this pattern Here.


DIY Dress Tutorial

Crafters, take a break from crochet and knitting to create an amazing hand bag, because here is a marvelous DIY of a bucket bag made of leather. When you would look at the pattern you would go”Ah that’s quick” and it is sort of  an easy bag project. Ellie from www.ellefrost.com has shared this cute DIY. She has not only shared written pattern but has a very beautiful video that outlines the main components of this DIY. Bucket bags are so roomy that you can just dump all the necessaries into it and yet it does not look like a loaded suitcase!Find the tutorial HERE

How to Make a Leather Bucket Bag

Here is another useful T shirt upcycle hack for you, a rug.You might have tried the crocheted T shirt rug,now gear up for this one which involves a bit of cutting and sewing. This useful upcycle hack is shared by Jackie on www.thehappyhousewife.com. This project has detailed steps and photos to show you how this rug has been made.With few supplies and old Tees you can come up with a useful thing for your household. I remember seeing something similar in market the other day and now I am so happy that I can make one too.Find Jackie’s  rug project HERE.

Upcycled T-Shirt Rug Tutorial

We just cannot stop buying T shirts and upcycling old ones for something new and exciting.You have heard doormats,baskets,dresses. But how about upcycling to a Tank Top? This project is very useful for anyone who has tons of T shirts. Even if its not old you can still refashion it the way you want to. Susan from www.crafterhoursblog.com has shared her discovery of T shirt to Tank on her webpage. One can only wonder how many more things can be done with T shirts. The versatile attire never ceases to surprise crafters. Check susan’s discovery on her PAGE.

T-Shirt to Tank Easy Upcycle Cloth Tutorial


You are what you eat goes a famous adage. Food is an important part of our life. It can be safely concluded that many of our attributes comes from what we consume. When you are running from pillar to post everyday managing many of household chores or assignments at office, your best bet to beat stress is comfortable home food. We crafters do everything with style. Let us pack lunch in style with a bright coloured lunch box pattern, shared by Virginia Lindsay at her website www.gingercake.bigcartel.com.This is a fast, fun and easy  sewing project to try.Check her page about this Here.

DIY Love Your Lunch Box Sewing Pattern



Everything about babies are magical. To make those initial miraculous moments memorable Merissa from www.littlehouseliving.com has a cute and quick pattern for a simple baby receiving  blanket. You can custom make these blankets as you need to comfort  your little bundle of joy. These are thick and cozy for the babies to cuddle. Embellish with embroidery or any colourful stitches. Use of a sewing machine is optional though it can speed up the process. Another project for keepsakes! Learn the photo tutorials for this blanket HERE.

10 Minute Simple Baby Receiving Blanket Pattern

At times relaxing at a beach or  your crib may recharge you, for those destress hours this  Elastic Waist Skirt  tutorial may come in handy. Whether you want to unwind making one or wear it to relax, they are as comfortable as skin. Any skirt with pockets would make your life easier! There are two versions of this dress-a longer and a shorter one, both with pockets. The maxi or short skirt,  if teamed  up with a basic tee and accessorized then you are good to go. Get fabric with prints for this project. Leanna Shares this beautiful skirt on her website asmallsnippet.com. Try out this awesome tutorial HERE.

Elastic Waist skirt

Beginner level craft projects are always fun and quick. They would not have complicated patterns hence one can get hooked completely. After all art and craft is all about the “feel” and “Touch”. Talking of which two pretty girls Kenzie and Kayla have collected an interesting set of 5 sewing projects for newbies in their blog, orchardgirls.blogspot.com. If you are wondering what could you make for your little ones this project is for you. All five things are made of simple materials nothing fancy(of course you can add your touch) and are very useful too. Get started HERE for the detailed tutorial.

5 Sewing Projects for Beginners


This project is as simple as it can get. A basic easy baby quilt with lot of straight lines to sew. Excited? Mique from www.thirtyhandmadedays.com shares an incomplex baby quilt pattern for all you beginners out there.This project will help you to get basic skills needed for quilting using linear lines right. There is a detailed photo tutorial with crisp instructions about materials and method. Though it is a simple quilt, using some colour play could make it more playful. Take a look at this super simple quilt HERE.

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial