These are some cute beanie hat patterns suits for your toddler. You can make them with your old t-shirts however, if you like, you can buy some fabric to make them. For making these, you need to have knit fabric and a sewing machine. If you have a serger, that’s nice because you can finish the project seamlessly.

The patterns are collected from various sources and tested by You can find the tested patterns from this Link.

If you are looking for more beanie patterns you might be interested in reading these posts.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern | The Hadley Slouch

Free Crochet Hat Pattern | The Hadley Slouch

Ice Queen Cap

Ice Queen Cap

Cute Delaney Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Cute Delaney Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Enjoy Crafting!

No matter how many bag  are made for kids, they ruin them within weeks with mud and dust. So, it’s a clever idea if you make their bags instead of spending lots of money in the stores. This is an easy but clever idea to keep your kids food organized.

This lunch bag is created by Ama Ryllis at for They have shared the tutorial for this little cutie at You can find the tutorial HERE.


Many of you like to do projects which can be done in a short time. I have seen it by the popularity of posts I shared which were projects can be done in 15 minutes, 30 minutes , so on. Here is another post for those who are time fanatics. There are some sewing projects which can finish in under 30 minutes. Hope you’ll like it.

Here is the list of 30 Things to Sew in Under 30 Minutes

Learning the basics is the hardest part for most subjects. Sewing is also a skill which should learn from the beginning. Every single matter of sewing basics is important because without those basics you can’t finish a sewing project perfectly. Back then you had to have someone who has experience behind you to learn sewing. But now, you have internet which is a hub for all study materials. There are many sewing lessons you can find in the internet. but, here are some basic sewing classes which are really good for beginners.

Click here to Read the List.

When you see this you may feel that it is really impressive but buying such kind of cosmetic bag will be really costly. Yes you are absolutely right. But now money doesn’t matter for you. The only thing to do is click here , read the tutorial and sew a neat and tidy cosmetic bag which comfort yourself.

It seems like a big burden when you remind about the maintenance of your sewing machine, Isn’t it? No, it is not a headache any more. Just have a peep in to this small video which gives you a very simple and clear idea about how to clean your top loading bobbin sewing machine. So you don’t need to waste your time and money by going to the mechanic. Click HERE to enjoy the video. Cheers.

When you hear about machine quilting you may feel it is a tough thing to do. Especially if you are new to sewing you will feel it is really hard to do machine quilting. But in my point of view machine quilting is not that much difficult. So here are six tips for you to do your machine quilting easily. Feel free to click here for the tutorial.

Are you fed up with searching or thinking of quilting patterns? If yes, you don’t need struggle anymore in search of patterns. Here are some great patterns for you. These patterns are really easy to do. So hurry click here to grab your 25 free quilting patterns.

You know how much we love using new bags. What if you can make one within minutes? I would really love to try it out if I get to use a new bag within minutes. This is a super easy to make tote bag which you can make in around 5 to 10 minutes (if you have clothes of course). The pattern is shared at poppy seed fabrics and HERE is the link to the tutorial.

A Komebukuro is a Japanese cotton drawstring bag that was used to carry offerings of rice to Japanese temples or shrines. The word literally means rice (Kome) – bag (bukuro). This is a free tutorial I found online which teaches you to make a Komeburuko bag. Though it is a traditional bag it fits as a pouch if you make it small. Why not give it a try? HERE is the tutorial.

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