I see nice baby bedding here and there on the market so I was interested in finding the name of this bedding. It’s called baby nest. It’s nice little addition to your baby stuff and I think it’s better to have a baby nest than cute little pillows around your sleeping baby. The best part of knowing crafts is that we can make whatever we want at home even it’s not available in your area. Don’t know how to make it? Just google it or search on  Pinterest.

HERE is the tutorial I found on Pinterest on how to make a baby nest at home. enjoy!

No matter how much you love your jeans, they get old and small by time. Even if you don’t like to throw it away, you have to stop wearing them one day. So, what to do when you remove your old jeans from your closet? Throw them into the dustbin? Probably not with these awesome ideas and tutorials of repurposing jeans.

HERE is a 40+ List of Ideas for Repurposing Old Jeans. Have a craftier day ahead!


This is a nice addition to your kids’ bags collection if your kid involves so many activities outside the home. It isn’t a ‘simple to make’ bag as you can see. You need some experience on sewing to make this one perfectly. However, there is a visual tutorial on how to make this one if you are concerned.

HERE is the tutorial on this zippered bag. Have a craftier day ahead!

This is a macrame type knot pillow which is different than classic sewing projects. You simply need to sew a long tube of fabric to make this. It will take 1 yard of fleece to make this one.

You can find the pdf pattern on how to tie the knot from JOANN store. It’s a free pattern so go ahead! Have a craftier day!

Have some leftover fabric scraps from bigger sewing projects? Then this list would be a nice choice to use up all those fabric. Zipper bags or zipper pouches are used to keep our little goodies while we go outside. They are not hard to make and take just a little time sewing.

HERE is the list of 30 Free Zipper Bag Patterns. Enjoy!

You can’t express how kids love laying down on the floor and how you don’t like them to do so. If there’s anything you can do to not allow laying on the floor, there’s a solution. DIY floor pillows can be a decorative yet useful thing in your living room or the kid’s room. You can put your kids on the floor pillow instead of the naked floor so that they are safer and cleaner on the pillow. Worried about the time to make them? No, you actually have to spend a little time making them if you have the necessary equipment.

HERE are some nice DIY Giant Floor Pillow ideas to try as your next project.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Puff Quilt comforter is a no-brainer project that takes little time and effort. However, it gives your project a puffy look that everyone loves. You can be more adventures by mixing colors and the pattern so that you can be more creative. The basic tutorial on how to make the puff quilt is shared in this Youtube video.

You can find the video tutorial below. Enjoy!


When your babies and toddlers have a bath time they love to spend a bit more inside the bathtub playing. So you have to hold your towel for few more minutes in hand or somewhere else. Since it is the washroom you know that towels can be fallen out and get wet easily. A quick fix? An easy to make hooded towel so that you can hang them on the hanger.

HERE is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a hooded towel with a cozy and thick towel at your home. Enjoy!

Free step by step sewing pattern and tutorial from the Inspired Wren for how to make this sturdy and hard-wearing lined canvas tote bag.  We love this bag because of the way it’s constructed with the handles securely held within the base and sides of the bag, not just sewn into the top.

Because the Handles wrap to the bottom this is a tough tote that can withstand a lot of weight. It also maintains its structure nicely (and can take a lot of abuse) thanks to the indoor/outdoor fabric and duck-cloth. There are so many fabulous fabric options in the decor fabrics department. And remember it doesn’t require a lot of fabric, so don’t forget to also check the remnant bin at your local fabric store.

I’ve been using mine for months when I go to the store and also as a carryall for when I need to cart a lot of stuff with me and it’s held up just great!  I even just toss it in the wash every couple of weeks and it comes up like new. Make one!

HERE is the link to this Tote Bag Pattern.

Sewing is a fun craft if you get used to your Sewing Machine. Unlike other crafts like crochet and knitting, sewing is fast that you can finish a project earlier than crocheting a hat. There are some handy tips and tricks which pros use like every day. Knowing these might help you finish your project much faster and look professional.

HERE is the list of Sewing Machine Secrets from Pros.

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