Artisans who work with felt and fabric are the ones who wear pins the most, do not they? This simple accessory is a facilitator when sewing, fastens the pieces and leaves all the cutouts in their proper place. The only problem is that the pins are very small, and therefore get lost easily. This sunflower door knob can organize those pins in one place and THIS is the tutorial on how to make one of these. Be sure to translate with Google translate if you are not familiar with Portuguese.

How to Make Sunflower Door Knobs with Fabric

these funny toys are made with fabric and filling sponges so these can also be great pillows for your kids. So, this is a 2 in 1 solution to make your kids happy as well as make their room beautiful while using it as a pillow. You just need to copy the block provided in this PAGE and make these pillows. easy as 123.

DIY Funny Animal Toys Tutorial

You can use this bag as a cosmetic bag or a shopping bag when you go shopping. If you adjust the size of this bag then you can even use this bag as a handy backpack. The bag itself is easy to make and takes less time to make. HERE is the tutorial.

DIY Reversible Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Many crafters like picture tutorials because they explain a lot than words. Here is another picture tutorial on how to make a Fabric bag Hobo. Handmadiya got so much attention lately on my eyes because this site got so much interesting posts. This tutorial is also posted on Handmadiya. Hat’s off Handmadiya. You got my eyes. 🙂

Free Bag Pattern= Fabric Bag Hobo

This tutorial is written in Russian but I have shared the Google translated version so that you can understand very easily.HERE is the tutorial.

DIY Casket Basket for Needlework Tutorial

Craft Passion has shared this tutorial on how to make macaron coin purse following a Japanese tutorial which one of her fans shared with the site owner. This coin purse is too small to carry with you to keep your coins but, it’s too cute to ignore. I love the idea of keeping it as a keychain for your keys. HERE is the tutorial.

DIY Macaron Coin Purse Tutorial

Kids really love to have new pencil pouch once every month (at least 😉 ). Actually you can quench their craving with cheap stuff but what if you give them unique ones like this pencil pouch? They will go crazy, I’m sure. Just as this purse look gorgeous it isn’t hard to make one. Following this tutorial you can make one for your loved one within 10 minutes.

You can find the tutorial from this LINK and there are many other interesting craft projects on that site as well.

DIY Pencil Pouch Tutorial

Mini purse is a handy tool to keep under your hand bag because it helps us to keep our coins and other small stuff inside it so that they don’t get lost inside our hand bag. There are many which can be bought online and in stores but, making one is wonderful because we get to use a unique one. Here is a tutorial to make a cute coin purse for your self (or to gift someone).

Tutorial can be found from Handmadiya

DIY Clasp Coin Mini Purse Tutorial

Time is becoming more valuable than any other. So, unfortunately we’re losing our valuable creativity because of lack of time. Yet, we still love crafts and still trying to make some within a little time.Here are some small sewing projects which you could finish in an hour. It does take around an hour which is a lot of time now a days. But, every minute of it will be worthy if you spend that time crafting. HERE is the list.


Maxi skirts are a great way to style everyday outfits, plus they look quite modest too. One thing I would love to do is to stock up my closet with gazillion of them. One for every day of the month. 😀 But then, there’s a whole budget thing to keep in mind. Well, there’s a solution for that too. DIY! Make my own maxi skirts with all the different tutorials found on the web. Here is a list of many different types of maxi skirts free sewing patterns and tutorials that are available on the net! I hope you get inspired to make your own maxi skirts to stock up your wardrobe.

Source : Sew Some Stuff

Maxi Skirts Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials