Bags are one of my favorite kind of crafts because I love to have various patterns of bags at our home for various tasks. This bag goes in my next to do list as this bag would be great for shopping trips. You can pack your necessities then cinch, sling and go. This is the tutorial on how to make this Summer Sling Bag shared by

Even though many of you like Homemade clothes, if they look homemade many of you don’t like that much. Homemade clothes save you some money but, if you do these mistakes, they will look like a poor quality garment. So, do not do these 10 sewing mistakes at least to avoid your DIY cloth to look homemade. HERE is the list.

Felt fabric is one of the easiest fabrics to work with. Even though it is easy to work with felt, there are techniques to handle this fabric to eliminate potential mistakes. This is a video tutorial on how to handle this felt fabric correctly and many other tips. HERE is the link to this video.

Some dogs love to hide under blankets when sleeping for warmth. This is a good dog bed for that kind of dogs. This tutorial is shared by Lia with pictures. HERE is the tutorial.

Many beginner sewers have no idea on cleaning and maintaining their sewing machine properly. They either give up sewing when some fault shows up or pay someone to repair the sewing machine. But, all they need is just a clean up and proper maintaining. So, if you are this kind of person you must read this tutorial on How to Clean and Maintain Your Sewing Machine. Click the given link for the tutorial.

It’s been a while since I last published a sewing pattern because my mind was really into crochet designs lately. However, I have decided to share a sewing pattern today because this dress took my eye at first sight. The original pattern was shared by Great British Sewing Bee and this pattern is shared by Sew Different. It looks like it isn’t easy as it looks to make one of these but, it’s worth a shot.

Check if you can sew one of these Drapery Knit Dress. HERE is the Pattern.

Instead of sharing just patterns I thought this might be more helpful for fellow sewers. There are different types of sewing needles available at the market for different purposes. But, have you ever considered buying and using them other than your usual needle? If you haven’t you really need to reconsider because it might save your money and time using proper needle for your next project. Here is a detailed guide of Sewing Machine Needles.

Halloween is nearby and everyone is getting ready with new weird clothes. This post is for someone who is interested in being a red riding hood or some witch. Although this is not a ‘so easy’ sewing pattern I thought to share it because has shared detailed instruction on making this cloak. Unfortunately Halloween is not celebrated in our country and we don’t get snow to keep one of these. So, I let it go to you. HERE is the pattern for Long Hooded Cloak.


Kimono is a piece of cloth which normally has a high price tag. Even though it is pricey ladies tend to buy them because of it’s unique look. No matter the size of your body, kimono gives you a fresh look when you wear it. Although it is pricey to buy Kimonos, did you know that you can make one for under $10?

This is a nice and visual tutorial on how to make a DIY Kimono in 30 minutes for just $10. The tutorial is shared by, an online magazine which shares womenish things like beauty tips, fashion, DIY, relationship advice, etc. You can find the tutorial from above link I shared.


I have shared another Kimono tutorial  before on this blog. If you are interested Here it is.


How to Sew a Kimono in Less Than 30 Minutes

DIY Kimono in Under 30 Minutes

Have a Crafty Day Ahead!

If you are looking for a quick solution for your little one who loves to sleep on the floor this might be  the perfect solution as it is easy to make one of these as well as it looks amazing. Dabbles & Babbles have shared this cute and useful project with photos to make you understand better on their blog.

You can find the tutorial on How to Make a Cozy Pillow Bed from this Link.

Do not forget to check out my other posts as you can find more inspirations for your next project.



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