Sewing small pieces together can go beyond just stitching up together. It can give your project a great look if you sew them through a pattern. Just scraps are enough to make a nice pattern with patchwork. Below images proves that. From Lauri’s Blog.

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows2

If you ever sew a zipper, you know how horrible is sewing a zipper into your project. Yes. Zippers are really scary just as Heather from the Sewing Loft says in her blog. but, you don’t have to worry because she has shared a nice list of hacks you’ll wish you knew years ago. HERE is the original article of “11 Zipper Hacks to Improve Your Sewing”.

11 Zipper Hacks to Improve Your Sewing

Sewing project not only make your home beautiful but also save your money. That’s why every mum is trying to teach her daughter to sew. If you are not sure of what to sew for your next project then here is a huge list of Crafty sewing projects that might helpful for your home needs. Here is the list of 72 Crafty Sewing Projects For The Home.

72 Crafty Sewing Projects For The Home

Although sewing is an addicting craft it takes much time if you don’t apply some sewing hacks into your sewing life. Here are 37 more sewing hacks that will save your precious time and  will make your project better. The list is compiled by DIYJOY so all the credits goes to the author. HERE is the link to the list.

37 More Sewing Hacks You Gotta See

Sewing is my favorite crafts of all because it is fairly easy to finish a project than crocheting or knitting. There are however, some sewing hacks in order to finish projects professionally. Here are 25 sewing hacks that will change your life.

25 Sewing Hacks that Will Change Your Life

When wondering around Pinterest, I found a great idea to create for your baby’s safety. You know that putting your baby on a mattress is safe-tier than putting her on the floor. And the worst part is that mattresses take up lots of spaces of your tiny home. But this brilliant cushion can take only a bit of your home space and still work out as a mattress for your loved one. And the best part is that it’s easy to sew.

Sources : Pinterest and

Puzzle Cusion Idea for Your Baby Puzzle Cusion Idea for Your Baby2 an


One of the mums of newborn babies beloved things is baby booties. We love making new patterns of baby booties for our cutie. Although crochet patterns are the best for baby booties there are some remarkable sewing patterns out there which can outcast crochet booties patterns. Here is one baby booties sewing pattern which can take our mind away. Click HERE for the instructions for making this booties pattern.

How To Sew Baby Booties

This cute boxy looking pouch is a gem! I am so pleased with how these turn out. It’s just perfect for any retreat, or gift, or swap bag, or make-up bag, or wet bag, or shaving bag, or pencil bag, or toy bag…. did I say sewing bag?

Retreat Bag Sewing Tutorial 2

The Retreat Bag is a simple zippered pouch with a wide base and a wide structured opening. There is a casing in the top where you insert two wire frames (one on each side), which helps it stay open when open, and helps turn the corners down when closed. It has two optional slip pockets inside and a long zipper that helps it open wide.

Retreat Bag Sewing Tutorial


For the tutorial Please visit HERE.

Now the spring is about to end and the fall season is on it’s way.  Everybody is excited to enjoy the beauty of fall so, everything Etsy is sharing exciting sewing projects to try for the fall. The projects are incredibly simple and fast so I think you sure will like the list.

Link to the article :

top 12 fall sewing tutorials

top 12 fall sewing tutorials

Tote bags are so popular that you can not stop buying/making them almost everyday. With a big enough tote bag you can bring all your tools wherever you go; whether it be your make up set, comb, purse or even camera, laptop etc. Although you can buy ready made tote bags, there’s a Kick in making one. And making those are incredibly easy.

Here is a nice and interesting DIY tote bag tutorial I found on YouTube. I am not embedding the tutorial here because I think it’s unfair for the owner. Enjoy!

diy tote bag tutorial

diy tote bag tutorial