Sewing small pieces together can go beyond just stitching up together. It can give your project a great look if you sew them through a pattern. Just scraps are enough to make a nice pattern with patchwork. Below images proves that. From Lauri’s Blog.

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows2

This is Juliana’s quilt and it is a gift for one of her friends.  I love all the bright colours against the white background. I don’t know the name of the block or pattern but will add that info to the post once I know.  I haven’t been doing much quilting this week as my hands have been aching.  A few times a year I find I really struggle with quilting because of this ache. Don’t think it is arthritis just over use and my bodies way of saying ‘slow down with the quilting!’



I used the Feather Curls panto on this one to add a soft texture to the piecing.  White So Fine thread on top and white Bottom Line on the pink backing.  Quilters Dream Blend batting.




We have been having crazy weather with warm days and snow melting and then cooler days with lots of snow fall!


Visit the tutorial Here.


This is my guild Black and White Challenge entry for our quilt show in April.  Members were given 3 black and white print fat quarters as well as were asked to pick a marker out of a bag without looking.  The marker colour is our accent colour to add to the quilt.  We could also add solid black, solid white and more black and white print fabrics.   Here is the marker I picked and was happy to have found fabric that matched really well.


There was no size requirements for this challenge so I only made a small wall hanging that is 36” x 36”.  I used the Rapid Fire Hunters Star ruler to cut out the pieces and was really impressed with how it worked.


I stitched in the ditch then added the feather motifs.  I didn’t quilt anything in the black and white print fabrics as the prints are quite bold.  Used white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


We had about 40 members buy kits for this challenge and I have seen a lot of them being worked on at our retreats and UFO days, even a few done and shown at Show and Tell.  I’m looking forward to seeing them all together at the show, it will be a great display!


Visit the tutorial Here.


This is Sheri’s City Slicker quilt and it is one of our latest Highway 10 Designs patterns.  Sheri used the first Jelly Roll she ever purchased,  over 10 years ago, so not sure what Moda line it is.  I thought that was pretty amazing to hold onto a jelly roll for that long, but then again I bet many of your have jelly rolls that old too!


I picked Rhapsody for the pantograph design, Light Beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


Next week I’ll be down in Winkler, MB teaching this pattern at Road 17 N quilt shop.  I’m really looking forward to teaching a beginner piecing class and meeting new quilters!


Visit the tutorial Here.


This is Linda’s Sunday Ride quilt and the pattern is by Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio.   This will be a wedding gift for one of her granddaughters, what a lovely gift!  The applique pieces are all fused and then she did a machine zig zag stitch to hold all the pieces in place.  Lots of hand embroidery stitches as well.   She asked for custom quilting and liked how the cover of the pattern was quilted so gave me that to use as inspiration.  I quilted the blocks similar to the pattern but then added the loops in the sashing and the feather curl design in the outer border.  I stitched in the ditch around the main elements of the applique pieces.


I quilted the whole quilt in white So Fine thread as all the applique stitching was done in white thread.  Made my job easy with no thread changes.   Batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


Visit the tutorial Here.

As a hobby quilting is much more fun and motivating than other sewing projects. But, if you learn these tricks, you’ll find quilting is the best hobby you have among others. Pickystitch blog has shared some quilting hacks which will help you finish your quilting project more easily and professionally. Read the full list of quilting hacks from HERE.

13 Quilting Hacks that will Make Quilting Easier

Sherri Noel from has shared a beautiful post about the beauty of Hand Quilting. She explains the nitty gritty details of hand quilting and finishing with ease. Be it the position to start quilting,usage of thimble or how to work with perle cotton. This post can be an eye opener for crafters that are crazy about quilting. Anything that is handmade has a special appeal. The photo tutorials that she has shared are a treat to the eyes of craft enthusiasts.Pick useful tips about big stitch hand quilting with perle cotton Here.


How to Hand Quilt with Pearl Cotton

This project is as simple as it can get. A basic easy baby quilt with lot of straight lines to sew. Excited? Mique from shares an incomplex baby quilt pattern for all you beginners out there.This project will help you to get basic skills needed for quilting using linear lines right. There is a detailed photo tutorial with crisp instructions about materials and method. Though it is a simple quilt, using some colour play could make it more playful. Take a look at this super simple quilt HERE.

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial


This is a non traditional type post as this is not a free pattern. You have to pay to get this quilt pattern. No, I am not an affiliate on this website. I decided to share this pattern with you as it is worth mentioning here. Pleasant Valley Creations have some quilt patterns which are totally worth paying for as they are so great looking and look advanced. I am just sharing one cool quilt design here and don’t be surprised if you easily distracted with other stunning designs there. 🙂 Have fun.

HERE is the website.

Layered Star Quilt Pattern

Puffy quilts makes a great gift idea for your loved ones but the problems lies between your hand and the pocket. :P. Puffy quilts are expensive and it is harder to find free tutorials out there on puffy quilting. However, I found this great tutorial from Buzzing and Bumbling This tutorial will teach you how to sew puffy quilts. As you may find, it is actually easy to DIY puffy quilts and the best thing is that this tutorial is shared for free.

You can find the tutorial from HERE.

Puffy Quilt Tutorial