Loom knitting is just the basic of knitting, however it’s the most used knitting technique used in knitting projects. The best thing about loom knitting is that it’s easy for a beginner to learn and make new knitting projects. These are some good looking loom knitting projects which will make your time busy and creative.

This is the LINK to the list of 13 Loom Knitting Projects for Beginners.

Enjoy Knitting!

Handbags associated with “Spaghetti” yarn tend to look perfect and stylish. Best of all they are easy to knit and can be finished the project fast. I found these patterns from a Russian site. The tutorials may look hard at first but  if you check through the chart you’ll understand the pattern perfectly. And if you are not familiar with Russian language please translate it to English ( Google Chrome Browser does it for me 🙂 ).

HERE are the patterns for these elegant looking knitted Handbags. Be sure to check other patterns shared on this site as well. Enjoy!

There’s nothing more for a beginner knitter if a marvelous looking knitting project is easy to achieve. This is a gorgeous knitting pattern which is easy for a beginner to knit. You need a fie yarn and 3.0mm knitting needle for this project. If you have those tools then HERE is the pattern to start this project right away.

Knitting is an interesting craft because it can create thousands of beautiful projects including wearable and non wearable ones. There are some basic knitting stitches you can use for your next knitting project. The stitches are easy, even a beginner can learn them fast. Here is the list of 18 Easy Knitting Stitches You Can Use for Any Project.

Woven stitch creates a woven texture on your knits which is great with t-shirt yarn. This step by step instructions with appropriate pictures will teach you how to knit woven stitch in no time. If you still don’t get it, they also have shared a video tutorial on how to knit woven stitch. So, HERE you go. Visit this page and learn this knitting technique.

Moss Stitch also called as seed stitch is a really nice looking textured technique that consists of one knit, one purl alternated across an entire row. Then on the next row, you simply continue with one knit and one purl but alternate the order. Seems easy. Isn’t it? But for a newbie in Knitting, it isn’t. This is an illustrated guide which consists of images and a video guide on how to knit Moss Stitch.

Here is the LINK for this video tutorial. Enjoy!

Noble Knits have shared a free online knitting class on making a Toe-up socks for novices. This will be a great opportunity for someone who loves to learn knitting from the beginning. Rather than learning the basics, completing a project would be more compelling. Here is the link to this free online class on making Toe-Up Socks.

Super Bulky chunky yarn is a trend now in Knitting world. Not only they give your project a chunky but elegant look but also they make your project super easy and fast because they take a vast space in a single knit. I have seen many blanket projects made by Chunky yarns but not a single hat pattern so far. This is the first knitting hat pattern I saw which knitted with super bulky chunky yarn. It’s also a free pdf Pattern.

You have to read the details first if you want to download this pdf pattern. HERE is the link to download this free knitting pattern of Soho Hat.

Chunky throw blanket is the new trend in DIY world because of it’s elegant look. It is super easy to knit chunky throw blanket however, it is super expensive to buy one of them in the market. What if I told you that you can make one of these for less than $40 without any tools but yarn.?

Yes, you can knit one of thee without any tools. It is called as arm knitting and this article will point you through several video tutorials which helps you through making a knitting Chunky throw Blanket.

I always wonder why so many beautiful crafts are written at Russian sites. May be it’s because they are talented than many other countries. However, there are no boundaries for arts and crafts. Right? This is such a wonderful knitting pattern I found on a Russian craft site. You need to translate it through a translator like Google translator to get the pattern in your language.

HERE is the link for the Knitting pattern of Infinite Rainbow Throw.

Have a Crafty Day Ahead!

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