When you need a short break you go to somewhere nice or delicious. Coffee shop is that somewhere I’d like to go when I have a free time. If you got a scarf like this one, everyone will notice you because it looks so beautiful on you. What if I tell you that you can make one of these with low cost than buying one for a higher price?

Yes. You read it right. You can make one of these yourself. All you need is some yarn an knitting hooks. The free pattern is shared by Craftsy and you can find the pattern HERE.


Looking for more inspirations? How about these…..?

DIY flannel hooded scarf

DIY Tutorial for the Bina Brianca Wrap

Quick & Easy Knitted Infinity Scarf : Free Knitting Pattern



I am not much of a Ravelry fan because usually we need to register on that site to get the pattern. But this knitting pattern really took my eye because it is indeed beautiful.

You can get the free pattern from HERE. Be sure to check out other patterns shared in my site. You surely will love those patterns too.

Happy Day!

This is a different type handbag made with knitting. The tutorial is appeared on a Russian craft site but I post here the link to Google translated page because most of my readers are English based readers. HERE is the link.

Free Knitting Bag Pattern - The Mill Bag



We usually use yarns to make cozy dresses like blankets, hats, sweaters, shoes and scarves to warm up the cold times. But, did you think that there are other creative ways to use yarn as well? This POST with show you 6 creative ideas to try with your left over yarns. I bet that you’ll end up buying more yarns just for trying these projects. Those are that much cute and beautiful.

6 Creative Yarn Craft Ideas

Behind every great knitter is a huge pile of yarn! when you have a great pattern and a desire to make something cute a huge pile of yarn is okay. Find your inspiration in Knitted Baby Bow Hat pattern shared by Jenna on www.twentysomethinggranny.blogspot.com. Babies are cute anyway but with Knitted Baby Bow Hat they would be cuteness overload! Jenna has semi-made this pattern and has detailed picture tutorial on her blogspot. This hat can be made from leftover scraps too. Her  pattern description is very crisp and nice. Click HERE for jenna’s tutorial. Let us know if you make one of these.

Knitted Baby Bow Hat Free Tutorial



Okay you finished a big knitting or crochet project that was long pending but are left with scraps and many short ends. wondering what best can be made out of them? try this gorgeous Log cabin pattern shared by Cara at her website www.januaryone.com. This pattern can be made into a quilt, baby blanket,shawl,table top,bag or anything that fits right. Cara has used beautiful colours in this project. What would you plan to make out of this one? Follow a step by step instructions given by cara HERE.

How To Build a Log Cabin








Are you up for another quick knitting pattern? Who doesn’t love infinity scarves? They are uber chic, comfortable and are very functional.  Christy shares this easy step by step infinity scarf tutorial in her website www.oursouthernhomesc.com. Sometimes you may not be able to finish knit or crochet projects due to time crunch. Instead you can still keep yourself happy with such small quick projects.A chunky yarn could help you further speed up this infinity scarf. With some variations to basic scarf pattern this could be easily worked by a  beginner in no time. Follow Christy’s tutorial HERE.

Quick & Easy Knitted Infinity Scarf




Right accessories with good cloths can enhance our appearance and personality. We keep looking out for different accessories to fine tune our wardrobe. Cassies from www.littleredwindow.com shares an interesting hat pattern called “Be my valentine heart”. A pretty hat for anyone. It could be for a baby girl or for any adult.This easy knit project can be finished in a jiffy and is ideal for any beginner.Though it appears way too simple, a heart applique takes makes this hat adorable. When you cannot spend hours knitting but really want to knit in a short time projects like this can be life savers. Find the tutorial for this knit hat pattern HERE.

Be My Valentine Heart Hat Knitting Pattern

I love bolero and shrugs. I like them as they come in handy when we are running a bad day.  They can make any outfit appear good and are versatile too, they can be worn with a pair of denims, maxi skirts, short skirts and so on. We came across a very cool bolero pattern on www.pickles.no which is explained well through clear instructions. This knit project requires an intermediate skill to be able to finish. The bolero is very interesting because of the shape.It is chic and bohemian. Two knitted pieces are to be joined by sewing in order to make this bolero. Follow this chic bolero tutorial HERE.

Baggy bolero tutorial

Wonderful pattern for a very versatile and drpapey cardigan, seamless, with a large collar and gathered cuffs. Found this knitting pattern from Pinterest and blew my mind away right after seeing the design. I’m sure that it will take your heart too. But, this is not a free pattern. You have to spend some money to get this pattern, unfortunately.

HERE is the source.

Pole Cardigen Knitting Pattern

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