No matter how much you love your jeans, they get old and small by time. Even if you don’t like to throw it away, you have to stop wearing them one day. So, what to do when you remove your old jeans from your closet? Throw them into the dustbin? Probably not with these awesome ideas and tutorials of repurposing jeans.

HERE is a 40+ List of Ideas for Repurposing Old Jeans. Have a craftier day ahead!


DIY Crafts is a hobby that can give us lots of fun. But the problem is that most of them take some time which is hard to allocate in this busy lifestyle. But that should not be a problem as we have a solution. These DIY crafts will take only minutes to finish and still gives you some awesomeness into your life.

HERE are 16 Dirt Cheap & Easy DIY Projects To Make At Home. Enjoy!

Pillows are the best accent piece you can bring into your home to add color.  Add some flare and style to your couch with these great no sew pillow projects.

From Fundolicious

This is a macrame type knot pillow which is different than classic sewing projects. You simply need to sew a long tube of fabric to make this. It will take 1 yard of fleece to make this one.

You can find the pdf pattern on how to tie the knot from JOANN store. It’s a free pattern so go ahead! Have a craftier day!

Japanese crafts are unique as it gives you whole new ideas to make your next project more beautiful. Japanese people think outside the box which the rest can not even think of. So, studying through Japanese crafts will make you think like them and then you’ll be able to create a new craft which everyone will love.

Here is a nice Japanese craft which you’ll love making. The idea of making this boro bag will give you more ideas such as making an afghan using the same technique. This is the link to an Illustrated tutorial of Making Japanese Boro Bag. Enjoy!

Upcycling old cloths is one of my favorite topics because we can make our old gems usable again. Cutting them is something we hate to do but if you watch all of these ideas you won’t hesitate to cut your old jeans for good. From pot holders to, bags, studio boxes and shoes, there are more than 20 ideas to get from this list to make your old jeans work again.

Here is the link to the list of 20 Ways to Upcycle Blue Jeans.

Easter is coming  and so is the fun of Easter eggs. Everyone loves to decorate Easter with Easter eggs. Decorating eggs with standard dye is the most used way but there are other ways to decorate them as well. Here is a nice idea to decorate your eggs with boiled avocado skins an pits and Alcohol ink. The ink make the eggs not edible however it still gives a cute look on your celebration table. Link

Macrame is a different kind of ancient craft we don’t often talk about. With macrame knots you can create beautiful wall hangers and some decorative arts we can hang on.This is a rare tutorial I found about macrame knots. Macrame is not a difficult craft if you know the basic knots. This is an easy tutorial on basic macrame knots with illustrated materials. Ready to macrame. HERE is the tutorial.

Got a half an hour free time everyday? How about making it useful instead of killing it up by sleeping? These are some creative sewing crafts that you can try making with less materials and around 30 minutes time. If you are really enjoying sewing as a hobby then I am sure that you’ll love to read this list of 30 things to sew in 30 minutes. Enjoy!

You don’t have to be an expert to make profit out of sewing crafts. Just a bit of creativity with a basic understanding of sewing can make you some money if you take action. These are some cute ideas which will take around 10 minutes to make and still sell it for some money.I’m sure that you’ll get a dozens of ideas by just looking at this list. Have a crafty day ahead!

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