Kimono is a piece of cloth which normally has a high price tag. Even though it is pricey ladies tend to buy them because of it’s unique look. No matter the size of your body, kimono gives you a fresh look when you wear it. Although it is pricey to buy Kimonos, did you know that you can make one for under $10?

This is a nice and visual tutorial on how to make a DIY Kimono in 30 minutes for just $10. The tutorial is shared by, an online magazine which shares womenish things like beauty tips, fashion, DIY, relationship advice, etc. You can find the tutorial from above link I shared.


I have shared another Kimono tutorial  before on this blog. If you are interested Here it is.


How to Sew a Kimono in Less Than 30 Minutes

DIY Kimono in Under 30 Minutes

Have a Crafty Day Ahead!

This is a nice looking wreath made out of Burlap fabric. It is easy to make as well as takes a little time to finish. Wreaths are definitely a trend in Home Decor industry. When I share any image of DIY wreath, it gets viral on Pinterest. Although I haven’t made a single wreath on my own, I like the idea of welcoming guests with a nice looking decoration. Hence I share good looking wreaths on my site.

At first I have only copied and pasted the excerpt of original post for this post but because of the request of the owner of this project I decided to remove it and add my own description to this.

You can find the tutorial with images from this link. How to Make a Burlap Wreath With Accent Ribbon

Be sure to visit my other posts for more interesting wreath patterns.

Have a Crafty Day!

These are some cute beanie hat patterns suits for your toddler. You can make them with your old t-shirts however, if you like, you can buy some fabric to make them. For making these, you need to have knit fabric and a sewing machine. If you have a serger, that’s nice because you can finish the project seamlessly.

The patterns are collected from various sources and tested by You can find the tested patterns from this Link.

If you are looking for more beanie patterns you might be interested in reading these posts.

Free Crochet Hat Pattern | The Hadley Slouch

Free Crochet Hat Pattern | The Hadley Slouch

Ice Queen Cap

Ice Queen Cap

Cute Delaney Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Cute Delaney Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Enjoy Crafting!

Denims are an all time trend not only for dresses but also for other fabric goods as well. If something was made out of denim material it surely looks awesome and stands up against other things. Because of that reason it’s a waste if you throw off your old denim jeans when you can make something beautiful out of them. If you don’t have any ideas what to make with your old denims, here is an awesome idea to recycle your old beauties.

Here is the tutorial of No Sew DIY Recycled Denim Basket


If you took a closer look into your closet, you’ll find at least a pair of jeans which are unused for months. You probably have forgotten about those jeans or chances are that you are no longer interested in wearing those. If you have that kind of jeans, you can use them to make some beautiful pieces which decor your home. Here are a nice list of DIY projects you can do with your old jeans.

Visit 10 Awesome Ways to Use Old Jeans for Home Decor for the article.


When you see this you may feel that it is really impressive but buying such kind of cosmetic bag will be really costly. Yes you are absolutely right. But now money doesn’t matter for you. The only thing to do is click here , read the tutorial and sew a neat and tidy cosmetic bag which comfort yourself.

You know how much we love using new bags. What if you can make one within minutes? I would really love to try it out if I get to use a new bag within minutes. This is a super easy to make tote bag which you can make in around 5 to 10 minutes (if you have clothes of course). The pattern is shared at poppy seed fabrics and HERE is the link to the tutorial.

A Komebukuro is a Japanese cotton drawstring bag that was used to carry offerings of rice to Japanese temples or shrines. The word literally means rice (Kome) – bag (bukuro). This is a free tutorial I found online which teaches you to make a Komeburuko bag. Though it is a traditional bag it fits as a pouch if you make it small. Why not give it a try? HERE is the tutorial.

This bag is one of the best options for girl bags collection as they can reverse it and use it as another bag. As make it love it says ‘girls love options’. So, I am sure your little girl will adore this bright colored cute little bag. You can find the free pattern for this reversible bag with tutorial from this PAGE.

Baby blankets are my favorite type of crochet crafts. Crochet baby blankets not only give smooth warmness to your little one but also a cuter look. My crochet blankets had very good comments from my family and friends because it was so beautiful. Although this blanket is not colorful like mine, this is also a cute looking baby blanket which will catch your heart. HERE is the pattern.

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