Very easy crochet rainbow scarf pattern.

Using DK (8ply) yarn of your choice and a 4mm crochet hook.

Leave a long end (approx 15cm) and chain 150 in pink. Turn.

Half double crochet back along your foundation chain. Fasten off, change to red and leave a long tail end on both the last colour (pink) and the new colour (red), these long ends will become your tassels.Turn.


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Free Crochet Pattern – Little Doily Bag

This is a very simple, small purse measuring approximately 14cm x 10cm. The design is very basic, so these little purses are suitable for beginners and can be quickly made up.

You will need yarn in 8ply and a 4mm hook. I used cotton, but acrylic or wool would work too. These instructions are in US terms.

Little Doily Bag Free Crochet Pattern 2

To make the purse chain 22, turn and half double crochet (hdc) in the third stitch from the hook and each stitch across (20hdc). Chain 2, turn and hdc in each stitch across the row. Keep working back and forth (remembering to ch 2 at the end of each row) until you have a rectangle approximately 20cm long.  I made this bag with stripes, alternating two rows in each color – and 4 rows (rows 8-10) at the bottom of the bag (where you fold it).

Little Doily Bag Free Crochet Pattern

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Maddison’s Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Madison's Hat Free Crochet Pattern

12 ply yarn ( the hat uses a little over a ball)

6mm Hook.

Round 1: Make a magic circle and chain 2, half double crochet (HDC) 7 x into the circle and pull tight, join to top of chain 2 (8).

Round 2: Chain 2 (counts as first HDC here and throughout), HDC into same stitch, 2 HDC into  every stitch around, join to top of chain 2 (16).

Round 3: Chain 2, 2HDC into next stitch. 1HDC into next stitch, 2HDC into next stitch around, join to top of chain 2 (24).

Round 4: Chain2, HDC in next stitch, 2HDC in next, *HDC in next 2 stitches, 2HD in next stitch*, repeat between * and * around, but only place 1HDC into last stitch (not 2)  join to top of chain 2 (32).

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Look at what I found on tumblr. It’s a cute baby booties pattern buried in time being. This little beauty is first posted in what you sow blog in tumblr and it’s about 3 years old post. Although I am a heavy user of Pinterest, I haven’t seen this cute booties tutorial anywhere so I though I should share. You can read the tutorial visiting HERE. Do not forget to read other crochet patterns published in our site. Enjoy!Crochet Baby Booties Pattern

Anything made from Jute twine lasts longer than the other things.Apart from the careful wash routine it does not require any other special care. We have seen amazing baskets, paper holders, wall hangings and coasters to name a few, made from the beautiful plant fiber, Jute.We found an awesome Jute project for our crafters on shared by Author Joanne L. She has explained this pattern with clear and simple instructions on her website. The finished product looks very cute. We cannot wait to try this project! Find the pattern HERE.

Star Stitch Tote | Free Crochet Pattern


Baby Afghans are fun to make because it takes only about a day to finish and enjoy your craft. Best of all you can enjoy cuddling your little one with warming her up with your newly made baby afghans. As I always said, I am in a love with baby afghans so, I decided to share this tutorial with my readers.

HERE is the Free Crochet Pattern for Zig Zag Puff Stitch Baby Afghan.

zig zag puff baby afghan ncw

When you hold a baby,you realise how delicate and tender are they. Just like beautiful, colourful flowers that are too fragile.Adoring babies with cute and adorable hats, shoes,sweaters,cloths etc cannot equal their cuteness. But crafters are constantly on the look out for a pretty baby project. Like the one shared by Bethany from A summer flower baby barefoot sandals for those tender and tiny feet of your little one. An easy pattern that can be crocheted by a beginner in no time.Play with colours and enjoy this project! Find her pattern HERE.

Free Crochet Pattern | Summer Flower Baby Barefoot Sandals




Amy and Rhondda has prepared their very best crochet tutorials together into one post so you can pin that single page and get access to each and every crochet stitches on their site. As it is unfair to link all those posts into this post I’ll link to the original article HERE.

60 crochet tutorials together

After a while sharing a super hot flower baby blanket I came across with this wonderful pattern on 5 Little Monsters blog. As beautiful as the first on I shared, this blanket also made with beautiful flower motifs crocheted in different colors. Erica from 5 little monsters is gentle enough to share her baby blanket crochet pattern so she has shared the pattern for this Kennady’s Flower Garden Baby Blanket in HERE.

Kennady's Flower Garden Baby Blanket | Free Crochet Pattern

Erica from 5 Little Monsters has shared a cute little crochet amigurami toy which is made with Single Crochet stitch; the very basic stitch of crocheting. Although it is an easy pattern to imitate, the finished project looks astonishing. This boxy bear will keep your kids accompany along with their other toys very well. It is good for your ornaments collection too. If you are new to crochet amigurami then I would suggest trying this project as it may motivate you in making more complicated ones after making this free easy crochet amigurami pattern.

HERE is the free pattern.

Boxy Bear Free Crochet Amigurami Pattern