Every time I see a Redheart crochet pattern I fall in love with it. They are just experts at combining colors into crochet projects which catch about everyone’s eyes. This is another lovely looking free crochet pattern they have shared on their site. you need to be an intermediate crocheter to make this one.

HERE is the pattern for this Circular Fall Mandala throw. Enjoy!

This baby blanket pattern can be expandable into adult size as it is made with an infinite number of crochet stitches. The beauty of this blanket comes with the color combination of vivid colors.  The blanket is suitable for any baby as it is made with rainbow colors. The pattern is shared in Ravelry and it’s an easy pattern to follow.

Click this LINK for the free pattern of Tooty Stripey Baby Blanket. Enjoy!

The Rainbow Ruffle blanket is super warm, soft, cuddly, and so easy to make! The pattern is unbelievably simple, the entire blanket is crocheted in double crochet. The ruffle is added at the end, in front loops between two different colors.

From Dada’s Place

As I think sleep sacks are better than baby blankets as it is easy to put your baby into sleep sacks than wrapping her in a blanket. They are not hard to make either. This crochet sleep sack will take you around 2 hours if you are a fair crocheter. HERE is the pattern for this Newborn Sleep Sack. Enjoy!

This is an easy crochet pattern combined with brilliant colors designed by Anitha Gibney. The pattern has lately hit the internet because of its beauty.

This is the LINK to download free written tutorial on this Cozy Grace Blanket.

Another nice looking baby blanket pattern shared by Pattern Paradise. This crochet pattern is made with 3 solid colors and will be suitable for a baby boy. You can, however, pick pinkish colors for a baby girl. The blanket is easy to size using a stitch multiple of 2.

HERE is the pattern of this Blue Hawaiian Baby Blanket.

This is a crochet blanket pattern which can be resized as you wish. The pattern is easy to follow even a beginner can understand. You have to know the basic stitches and shell stitch to crochet this pattern. The blanket is crocheted with a multi-colored yarn which gives it a unique look however, you can choose a single color and still get a nice look from this pattern.

This is the written crochet pattern for this Crochet Lemonade Throw.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Baby booties with Adidas shoes look will make your little one’s feet cute. What if you can make a pair of these? I don’t know about you but, I am gonna make a pair for my coming baby right away as it looks so cute. With this video tutorial, you can make a pair of these crochet Adidas shoes in no time.

HERE is the video tutorial.


A stunning scarf pattern which will take anyone’s eye right away. This scarf is crocheted non-traditional way by crocheting 4 strips of hairpin lace and joining them using a braided method. The end result…  An amazing scarf which is unique.

The image is from Nemzor Ravelry and the original pattern and video tutorial are from B.Hooked Crochet.

Happy crocheting!

If you love making granny crochet squares then you will fall in love with this pattern as it mostly made with granny squares. The pattern is actually a patchwork of granny square patterns which are available in Ravelry as paid and free patterns. the original pattern shared here is not actually the pattern in this picture, however, the pattern of the large middle square is the same pattern shared in the pdf pattern. You can add any granny square pattern you’d like for the border. it will change the pattern, but it will not change the beauty of your blanket.

Download free pdf pattern from HERE or save on Pinterest so you can get the pattern later. Enjoy!

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