Sewing small pieces together can go beyond just stitching up together. It can give your project a great look if you sew them through a pattern. Just scraps are enough to make a nice pattern with patchwork. Below images proves that. From Lauri’s Blog.

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows

Scrappy Quilted Patchwork Pillows2

If you ever sew a zipper, you know how horrible is sewing a zipper into your project. Yes. Zippers are really scary just as Heather from the Sewing Loft says in her blog. but, you don’t have to worry because she has shared a nice list of hacks you’ll wish you knew years ago. HERE is the original article of “11 Zipper Hacks to Improve Your Sewing”.

11 Zipper Hacks to Improve Your Sewing

Sewing project not only make your home beautiful but also save your money. That’s why every mum is trying to teach her daughter to sew. If you are not sure of what to sew for your next project then here is a huge list of Crafty sewing projects that might helpful for your home needs. Here is the list of 72 Crafty Sewing Projects For The Home.

72 Crafty Sewing Projects For The Home

Although sewing is an addicting craft it takes much time if you don’t apply some sewing hacks into your sewing life. Here are 37 more sewing hacks that will save your precious time and  will make your project better. The list is compiled by DIYJOY so all the credits goes to the author. HERE is the link to the list.

37 More Sewing Hacks You Gotta See

The amazingly funky Delaney crocheted hat is a great hat that your entire family will love to have. You can make them with the instructions from the Cute Delaney Hat Free Crochet Pattern. It is easy and works up very fast. It’s a great project for a beginning crocheter as well as more experienced hookers! The crochet pattern comes with instructions for how to stitch this amazing hat in 6 different sizes: newborn (0-3 months), 3-6 months, 6-12 months, Toddler, Child & Adult. Enjoy. From CoolCreativities

Cute Delaney Hat Free Crochet Pattern

No one every told me how to buy crochet hooks, so I took the same approach I’ve perfected in the ice cream aisle – buy everything that appeals to me. I’ve bought some real duds and made some lucky discoveries, but I would have saved a lot of money and indecision if I had known what to get before I got there. So don’t do what I did – just follow this infographic on how to buy your first crochet hook.

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How to buy your first crochet hook


Sandals are the new trend of Spring fashion and Spring is on right now. What if you can turn your old flip flop into a crocheted sandal. Would you try it out? If you saw this wonderful crochet sandalDIY Crochet Sandals with Flip Flop Soles pattern I am definitely sure that you will. HERE is the tutorial.


Sewing is my favorite crafts of all because it is fairly easy to finish a project than crocheting or knitting. There are however, some sewing hacks in order to finish projects professionally. Here are 25 sewing hacks that will change your life.

25 Sewing Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Staring to crochet can be devastating because some crochet charts are hard to understand for beginners. And there are some pro tips and tricks to use when finishing up your projects. Knowing them can be a huge advancement if you are just starting up. You can read 20 tips for new crocheters from HERE.

20 Tips for New Crocheters

When wondering around Pinterest, I found a great idea to create for your baby’s safety. You know that putting your baby on a mattress is safe-tier than putting her on the floor. And the worst part is that mattresses take up lots of spaces of your tiny home. But this brilliant cushion can take only a bit of your home space and still work out as a mattress for your loved one. And the best part is that it’s easy to sew.

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Puzzle Cusion Idea for Your Baby Puzzle Cusion Idea for Your Baby2 an