After seeing some crochet 3d hats I also wanted to try making a hat which gives you a 3D look. Instead of following any tutorial I tried my own pattern and here is the result.

I made it for my son to wear it when he goes to pre-school. So, he is the one who wears it. Isn’t he cute on this hat?

The hat shows off 3D flowers look so I think it is appropriate to name it as Crochet 3D flowers hat. The hat is a pointy one because I wanted it to be somewhat long. But if you like you can just skip 2nd raw of 3d flowers and keep going on crocheting other rows as given instructions below.

You need to have 4.5 size crochet hook and 3 ply yarn. I am not sure whether it is fingering or sports yarn as the only yarn type we find here in Sri Lanka is this one. (Well, there’s another smaller one. But rare.) I think it is No.2 Fine size. Here is the gauge for this hat.



Things to consider : I didn’t start new rows with 3 chains as usual. I started  Rows with 2 chains. I counted those 2 chains as 1st DC stitch and when I connect the row together I slip stitched to the first DC Stitch of the row. And I counted that slip stitch as a stitch.

Slip stitch, 4 Chains and connect to the 1st chain of the round.

Raw 1 : 12 DC (12 stitches)

Raw 2 :  2DC on each stitch (24 stitches)

Raw 3 : *1DC, 1DC, 2DC on next St. Continue from * (32 Stitches)

Raw 4 : *7DC on 1St. , 7 front post treble crochet shell on next 7 stitches. Continue from * (We count Slip Stitch of shell as a stitch. 36 Stitches)

Raw 5 : * DC on 8 Stitches, 2DC on next St. Continue from * (40 Stitches)

Raw 6 : *7DC on 1St. , 7 front post treble crochet Shell on next 7 stitches. Continue from * (Same as Raw 4. This i the 2nd 3D flowers Row. You can remove this row if you don’t want a pointy hat. If you remove, don’t forget to adjust Stitch count accordingly. 45 Stitches)

Raw 7 : * DC on 14 Stitches, 2DC on next St. Continue from * (48 Stitches)

Raw 8 : Continue Raw 6 (54 Stitches)

Raw 9 : *DC on 26 Stitches , 2DC on next St. Continue from * (56 Stitches)

Raw 10 : Continue Raw 6 (63 Stitches)

Raw 11 : DC on each stitch. 2DC on last St. ( You can change the place of 2DC to another place. I think that would be better. 64 Stitches)

Raw 12 : * DC on 7 Stitches, 2DC on next St. Continue from * (72 Stitches)

Raw 13 : Continue Raw 6 ( From now on we don’t count slip stitch of shell as a stitch. 72 Stitches)

Raw 14 : DC on each Stitch (72 Stitches)

Raw 15 : Change the color to Green. Continue Raw 6. (72 Stitches)

Raw 16 : DC on each Stitch (72 Stitches)

Raw 17 : DC on Back loop of Each St. (72 Stitches)

Raw 18 : Change Color Back to Blue. Continue Raw 17. Fasten off.

Make a green Color Pom Pom and add it to to the center of the hat. You are done.

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Have a Crafty Day Ahead!


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