As a mother, I would like to wear my kids differently. I always look for unique designs which will make my son special. If I had a chance to find this pattern before I would definitely choose this pattern as my next project because this is one of a kind crochet bootie pattern which you can not find anywhere other than making it by your self.

This is actually a cool and fun project suitable for a 6 month old baby. But, you can adjust the yarn and hook to make it suitable for any size of babies.

HERE is the pattern for this fun Flamingo Feet Baby Booties.

Have a craftier day ahead!

Not like the traditional Shell stitch, this stitch looks more like a real shell which makes a unique look. This stitch creates a warm and dense textured fabric which is perfect for baby blankets. The stitch will look amazing on rainbow colors because the colors can highlight the shell pattern perfectly.

The pattern and the tutorial has shared by mypicot and you can get the written pattern from this PAGE.


Just as the title says, this is an easy baby blanket pattern which a beginner can make in a little time. Final dimensions of 21 inches width and 27 inches length and it’s puffy look make it perfect for newborn babies. the blanket is made with double crochet which is one of the easiest stitches of crochet.

HERE is the guide on how to make this baby blanket with your crochet yarn. Enjoy!

Every time I see a Redheart crochet pattern I fall in love with it. They are just experts at combining colors into crochet projects which catch about everyone’s eyes. This is another lovely looking free crochet pattern they have shared on their site. you need to be an intermediate crocheter to make this one.

HERE is the pattern for this Circular Fall Mandala throw. Enjoy!

This baby blanket pattern can be expandable into adult size as it is made with an infinite number of crochet stitches. The beauty of this blanket comes with the color combination of vivid colors.  The blanket is suitable for any baby as it is made with rainbow colors. The pattern is shared in Ravelry and it’s an easy pattern to follow.

Click this LINK for the free pattern of Tooty Stripey Baby Blanket. Enjoy!

I see nice baby bedding here and there on the market so I was interested in finding the name of this bedding. It’s called baby nest. It’s nice little addition to your baby stuff and I think it’s better to have a baby nest than cute little pillows around your sleeping baby. The best part of knowing crafts is that we can make whatever we want at home even it’s not available in your area. Don’t know how to make it? Just google it or search on  Pinterest.

HERE is the tutorial I found on Pinterest on how to make a baby nest at home. enjoy!

No matter how much you love your jeans, they get old and small by time. Even if you don’t like to throw it away, you have to stop wearing them one day. So, what to do when you remove your old jeans from your closet? Throw them into the dustbin? Probably not with these awesome ideas and tutorials of repurposing jeans.

HERE is a 40+ List of Ideas for Repurposing Old Jeans. Have a craftier day ahead!


The Rainbow Ruffle blanket is super warm, soft, cuddly, and so easy to make! The pattern is unbelievably simple, the entire blanket is crocheted in double crochet. The ruffle is added at the end, in front loops between two different colors.

From Dada’s Place

This is a nice addition to your kids’ bags collection if your kid involves so many activities outside the home. It isn’t a ‘simple to make’ bag as you can see. You need some experience on sewing to make this one perfectly. However, there is a visual tutorial on how to make this one if you are concerned.

HERE is the tutorial on this zippered bag. Have a craftier day ahead!

DIY Crafts is a hobby that can give us lots of fun. But the problem is that most of them take some time which is hard to allocate in this busy lifestyle. But that should not be a problem as we have a solution. These DIY crafts will take only minutes to finish and still gives you some awesomeness into your life.

HERE are 16 Dirt Cheap & Easy DIY Projects To Make At Home. Enjoy!

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